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123movies has widely been recognized as the most accomplished destination to stream movies and tv series online. In this age of digital technology, one of the biggest advancements has been made in this sector. The streaming sector has thrived and encompasses a journey like no other niche. Due to such high rising demand for people, it has grown at the rate of knots and it doesn’t appear to be slowing any time soon.


123 movies thrived like no other movie streaming website. There are a handful of reasons that played a vital role in the website achieving such amazing success in a short time. First and foremost, their user interface was of a nature that is simply unprecedented to users of this age.

123movies made the user experience an absolute breeze for the users. previously, websites didn’t put much effort into user experience and made websites not easier to browse.

It would take a long time to browse and find your preferred movies. On the other hand, there are websites such as putlocker, gomovies and solarmovies. All looking to compete with each other. It simply cannot match stride for stride against 123movies.


This is one domain that has taken the world by surprise and most likely by storm as well. This website gave users an effortless ride to watch

URL Status Speed SSl
https://www1.123moviesc.me/  Online Very Fast On
https://123movies.land/ Online Very Fast On
https://123movies.mx/ Online Very Fast On
https://www.123movies.club/ Online Very Fast On
https://www1.123movies.net/ Online Very Fast On
https://123movies.tax/ Online Very Fast On
https://www0.123movies.md/ Online Very Fast On
https://ww1.123movies.actor/ Online Very Fast On
http://www1.123movies.sc/ Online Very Fast On

Now let’s have a look at some of the alternatives for 123movies.

123movies alternatives


Fmovies is almost like the brother of 123movies. It has got almost everything that 123movies.to covers and provides the same content with a slightly different user interface. Google has certified this website as being mobile-friendly.

This means you can browse the web application both in your mobile and tablet with the absolute breeze. One of the many reasons Fmovies.to has cemented itself asking in the movies industry.


Putlocker also is known as putlockers is perhaps the most loved movie streaming service around. Putlocker revolutionized in a way a different way to watch movies with such ease. Although it can be argued that the user experience isn’t as pleasant as its rivals. By rivals, we are talking the likes of gomovies and 123 movies.


Gomovies is as simple as its name. A website that strives and is proud of having millions of regular visitors. It is actually one of the most visited websites not just in the movie market but worldwide. Sometimes it begs people to wonder how they manage to provide such a wide range of content without any interceptions. Speaking volumes of their dedication to providing consistent service.


Movie4k will sometimes confuse you that it has 4kmovies. Don’t be fooled by the name, we can confirm that this website doesn’t;t have any movies in 4k besides a few movie trailers from youtube it shows. In fact, besides Netflix and officially licensed providers, no free movie site offers 4kmovies. Although it can be considered a good free movie online website to watch your favorite tv shows and movies.


Cmovies is another destination that provides everything that you would expect from a free website. One thing to be very vigilant about is its ads. The advertising seen on this website is by many considered intrusive and aggressive.


Popcorn Flix has been living up its repeated name for quite a long time now. After making huge strides in the movie sector. It keeps providing users with the consistency that every movie lover craves. Sites uptime is among the highest for a movie site. For this reason, it has gained many loyal users to establish itself as a credible source to enjoy movies and tv series.

Is 123movies down?

This question is always popular due to the nature of the website. Due to the legal nature of the website. It always faces many forthcoming problems with copyright and DDOS attack is almost omnipresent. This is primarily due to these sites hosting unlicensed content. Many of these websites also host tv-series and movies that too in bulk.

123movies Reddit

123movies Reddit is subreddit within the website. In this subreddit, people discuss openly in regards to their favorite movies on the website along with new domains that the network moves to. As 123movies keeps having to migrate to new domains in order to avoid too much attention and stay off the radar. It is a very enjoyable place for Reddit enthusiasts.

Is 123movies safe?

It is a well-known fact that these movie streaming websites contain lots of ads and most likely malicious ones too. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough how careful you need to be while visiting the website. You need to be mentally prepared every time you visit this website without the correct precautions. It can make a negative impact on your computers. We strongly advise you that you have correctly installed all extensions to counter any aggressive ads that may come your way.


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