In this digital world, people are very conscious about the content which they upload on their Instagram feed. Better the picture quality more the views and comments they get.

People are raving about some mostly used photo editors these days. With them, they not only just edit the entire background but can enhance the aesthetics.  Nowadays, many smartphones sport great cameras that capture vivid images, but sometimes you need a little help to make them really stand out.

Top 7 Best Free Photo Editors

Adobe Photoshop, a software launched in 1988, is one of the most popular photo-editing applications today.

The app allows users to edit photos on the go and enjoy their favorite hobbies anywhere. Thousands of artists, photographers, and hobbyists use it to edit their photos on their own time. Since its initial launch in 1988, it has become available in 26 different languages and found a home on computers worldwide. It truly is a global phenomenon.

High-quality photos are even important to any brand that seeks to establish itself online or offline.

Are Free Photo Editors Worth The Time?

Top 7 Best Free Photo Editors

The 21st century is a remarkable time for technology, as evidenced by the strides in photo editing software. While some people think that it’ll take a digital photography course to become a master at editing, programs are becoming easier and more intuitive with each update. The best part?

Most of these tricks can be performed on your computer, meaning that you don’t need special editing software on your smartphone to start improving your pictures!


Top 7 Best Free Photo Editors


GIMP is made for people who can’t afford Photoshop but still want a powerful image editing program. With an extensive range of effects and tools available, GIMP is a great choice for anyone. It is best for those who are looking to create high-quality graphics without spending a dime on software. GIMP is an image editor that gives you the power to use your computer to create, edit or manipulate digital images.

The program’s layout mimics Photoshop by utilizing the natural layout used by artists; its advanced algorithms put other “paid” programs to shame in terms of speed and power.


Top 7 Best Free Photo Editors

Inkscape is a highly popular program that allows you to put your creativity into practice and create some amazing vector graphics images. With this software, you can create stunning graphics for your blog, web app, or business cards.

The program integrates many other software solutions that require high-performance vector graphics such as Autodesk and Adobe Illustrator.


Microsoft Paint, a simple and easy-to-use image editor, has been available for free since the 1980s. It’s available to download as a standalone app through its website or through Windows 10, but it also comes pre-installed with many machines.

Top 7 Best Free Photo Editors

Microsoft Paint is a fast, lightweight image editor that’s great for simple image editing and creating quick drawings. It’s the ideal tool for photo editing and resizing, as well as creating memes, logos, and more.


With the help of a large team of developers, Krita is steadily becoming a replacement for Adobe Photoshop. Available in both Windows- and Linux-based operating systems, it also supports an array of other software tools.

It has the same range of tools, with more precision and a more responsive interface. It’s also incredibly fast, built for animation, and can be used for a variety of tasks, from photo editing to line-art drawings. And it’s all open source!


Top 7 Best Free Photo Editors

Pinta is free and open-source software for drawing and photo editing. The program is inspired by Paint.NET but unlike it, it’s available for every major operating system, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. With Pinta, you can edit photos, doodle, and explore the app with incredible ease!

Pinta is like Paint.NET with lots more than basic image manipulation/editing capabilities such as multiple layers, masks, and gradients. It also has a powerful integrated drawing application with an infinite canvas, just like the one in MS Paint!


Top 7 Best Free Photo Editors

Darktable is a perfect solution for all photographers. Whether you’re shooting RAW or JPEG, with multiple cameras, you need a way to store and organize your entire photo collection.

Darktable’s sleek design and simple workflow let you create beautiful images in seconds — even if you’ve never used a Darktable before.


Top 7 Best Free Photo Editors

RawTherapee is an image editor with professional-grade features, available for free. With support for the most popular raw file formats and a simple interface that professionals can love and use all day, it’s the go-to app for anyone who wants to edit photos professionally.


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