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1337x – Download Movies, TV shows and more


Almost every movie lover who downloads different movies through torrents regularly have certainly heard and love 1337x. In other words, this site, which started in 2007, is now one of the most popular torrent sites available. Moreover, the site subsequently, features a sleek and elegant user interface that as a result, makes content searches relatively easy. Most importantly, you can obtain torrents of movies, videos, anime, and TV series from 1337x.

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Best Five Working 1337x Proxy Sites:

Listed below are the best 5 working proxy sites;

URL Status Speed sslSSL
check1337x.st on Online Very Fast ssl on On
check1337x.unblocker.cc on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkx1337x.ws on Online Very Fast ssl on On
check1337x.unblocked.app on Online Very Fast ssl on On
check1337x.unblocked.bet on Online Very Fast ssl on On

Best Five Working 1337x Mirrors:

In addition to proxy sites, we have also furnished below the five recommended mirror sites to 1337x;

URL Status Speed sslSSL
check1337x.torrentzmirror.org on Online Very Fast ssl on On
check1337x-to.prox1.inf on Online Very Fast ssl on On
check1337x-to.prox.space on Online Very Fast ssl on On
check1337x.unblockall.xyz on Online Very Fast ssl on On
check1337x.unblocker.win on Online Very Fast ssl on On

Best Alternatives to 1337X

While 1337X is quite good if you are looking for older torrents. However, the 1337X search engine fails if the database of the site is concerned along with its disadvantages. For example, you may encounter numerous adverts that will keep popping even before you can access the data you want.

In short and most importantly, if you are looking for better options than 1337X, we have prepared a list of 1337X alternatives for you that are likewise.



This site is the bank of movies and most importantly the godfather of torrent streaming. In other words, the site is home to almost every collection you could think about. In addition to it, the torrent files on this site do not demand bandwidth. Moreover, YTS.AM has a friendly layout and movies are categorized. So, we highly recommend this site as an alternative to 1337X.



Torlock similarly has a massive database of content and stores almost 6 million authentic torrents. This also includes a limitless number of movies, games, anime, music, software, and more. And so, this is the second recommendation on our list.

Torrent Downloads


Torrent Downloads is another popular site that is gaining momentum because of its rich quality torrents. Furthermore, it has a unique and user-friendly interface. As a result, it becomes easy to navigate and manoeuvre through the site. Hence, the recommendation.



In addition to the above alternatives, LimeTorrents is another popular site that is also one of the highest functioning sites you can find. Most importantly, the site is an unsurpassed zone to find the treasure of entertainment. Therefore, the recommendation.



RARBG is another site which a hub of entertainment content.  However, the only problem to access this site is, it does not have a secure connection. Therefore, you should always use a VPN when trying to gain entry into RARBG. And so, it is recommended last.

Is 1337x Blocked?

1337x and all other similar torrent sites are blocked by the ISPs frequently. This is done in countries that have strict copyright laws. Therefore, if you happen to live in such a country, you may not be able to connect to the torrent sites. Moreover, the laws are so strict that if you access such sites and download content, you may be subject to prosecution by law.

1337x Proxy websiteIn addition to this, the ISP’s normally tend to block access and throttle download speed and subsequently preserve their bandwidth. This is ideally done because they want to restrict the use of the site. They do so by making the downloads a time-consuming task.

The site moreover, could be down for maintenance or may have experienced technical issues. As a result, in such cases, you can use mirror sites as suggested in the article.

How to Access a Blocked 1337x Site?

To clarify, you can access any blocked site using a VPN connection. Firstly, a VPN helps you get to any blocked site. Secondly, VPN also keeps your IP safely hidden, allowing you to torrent content without the knowledge of your ISP.

1337x mirrorMoreover, in addition to it, VPN also lets you access almost all mirror and proxy sites without worry. A proxy will essentially have all of the same content as 1337x, but simply be located on a different server with a different address. This might get around the issue of your being blocked by an ISP. It will also provide higher download speeds as the VPN servers will not be throttling your connection.


To sum it up, torrent sites are always on the receiving end. In other words, they are always under scrutiny and therefore, have been taken down almost now and then. However, on the other hand, there are a good number of likewise torrent sites that are verified. But, their presence is continuously threatened by an increased number of hackers.

In short, almost no user likes to turn down free entertainment. However, on the other hand, no user is willing to compromise the safety of his or her computer systems either. Most importantly, people all around the globe will choose a torrent site with a wide variety of files. And above all, a site that is also reliable and safe.


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