No matter the size and scope of your business, monitoring your network should be a top priority. An effective network monitoring solution can optimize the performance and security of your infrastructure, ensuring data availability and protecting against threats including ransomware, data loss, stolen devices, and unauthorized access from remote locations.

Effective Cloud Monitoring Tools

The right network monitoring tools can prevent outages, but solutions aren’t cheap for small businesses. If you don’t have the budget and need something that works, try these free apps.


Effective Cloud Monitoring Tools

Datadog is the world’s leading cloud and systems monitoring and diagnostics platform. It provides unparalleled visibility into your servers, applications, and networks so you can identify and resolve problems quickly.

Datadog gives a complete insight into your metrics from a web-based dashboard or via API. It also offers to-alert options to inform you of problems before your customers even notice there is one.

Datadog offers a comprehensive range of features for your DNS needs. It gathers statistics and information related to performance, bandwidth, overall health, and alerts you whenever there are any issues in the network. It helps you optimize the performance of your domain by providing key insights into DNS traffic and availability. Datadog also has a mobile application for both Android and iOS that can be used to monitor the service on the go.

New Relic One

Effective Cloud Monitoring Tools

New Relic One is the only software that will fix all server issues and find the root cause of an outage. It has a built-in network dashboard that provides insight into internal switches, bandwidth usage, and network data. New Relic One has been given rave reviews among tech experts with its ability to scan through an entire network system to find the root cause of server malfunctions and offer greater visibility into internal switches, bandwidth usage, and network data.

Effective Cloud Monitoring Tools

New Relic One offers email and phone support, as well as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. The platform also includes asset mapping technology that allows businesses to create highly customized visualizations of their hardware networks. This enhances the user experience, allowing companies to diagnose server issues more efficiently.


Obkio is a network and application monitoring tool for IT security specialists and network administrators who wish to keep a watchful eye on their network system. This tool offers a monitoring agent to measure network and application performance, availability, and security. Using Obkio, you can collect historical data and create a performance baseline for your network.

Effective Cloud Monitoring Tools

Obkio is the Wi-Fi mesh network solution that keeps your network fast and reliable even in the middle of a party. With Obkio, your home Wi-Fi will stay as fast as possible no matter how much traffic you’re sending out — and if it’s not fast enough, Obkio will fix it.


ManageEngine is long known for its uninterrupted and powerful network services. Physical server, database, and web application monitoring for companies are other features of it. OpManager provides you with customized dashboards, alerts, and reports that help you identify performance bottlenecks. Your business will find it easy to handle performance issues and downtime. Because of the exclusive features that come with the platform.

Effective Cloud Monitoring Tools

OpManager can detect and fix any problem that your network has. You don’t have to worry about hardware failures, because it can see them before they even happen.

In addition, you can see an overview of connected devices and check for open ports. Moreover, it provides top-notch support that you can rely on 24/7.




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