Online assessments solve the problem of conducting remote work and online education. Many businesses have started to use them. If you are an educational institution or a recruiter, you can conduct your exam by using e-assessments. They are reliable and trustworthy because they offer immediate results and eliminate the risk of cheating. They assess test takers’ skills and knowledge in a safe and secure place.

3 Best Free Exam Software

Exams are an extremely important aspect of education and have, surprisingly, become a very lucrative business. However, with the proliferation of exam technology creating your own exam doesn’t need to be expensive. Free exam software can offer you an easy way to create your own exams and ensure that they’re secure and accessible by both you and your students.



3 Best Free Exam Software

QuestBase is a web-based online exam software for teachers. It is simple and easy to use.

It allows the teacher to set up an online test in a matter of minutes. Teachers should be able to create tests, collect and upload student responses, and check results with ease — all from their computers. This online exam software offers a million possible questions, enough for a trillion possible tests! This database contains questions in 17 languages.

QuestBase lets you create standard multiple-choice and true/false questions as well as more advanced question types such as sentence insertion, multiple answers, and free text. Its extensive article library provides a wealth of information for customers to help them get the most out of the software.


3 Best Free Exam Software

SurveyLab is a marketing application for creating, distributing, and analyzing surveys. It bridges the gap between various communication channels. Be it the mobile, website, social media. This app simplifies customer feedback collection, which in return helps you engage with your audience better and improve service quality.

Respondents can choose between three free themes on SurveyLab — bright, elegant, and dark — to best suit their preferences. They can also filter their results to reveal insights about their target audience. The platform is easy to use, and you can refer to the user manual to access in-depth tips on how to navigate the software.


3 Best Free Exam Software

TestGorilla is a test-prep platform specifically for recruiters. Its integration with LinkedIn and career sites makes it easy to export candidate information and dig deeper into resumes. as a result of this application, unlimited access to thousands of tests to measure job-specific skills has become easy. It also provides general skills, personality, and value skills — all of which are available in an easy-to-read dashboard (and not PDFs).

You can customize assessments with your brand logo and color scheme. So you can present company culture and test-taker demographics at a glance. TestGorilla is the world’s easiest method of communicating with candidates — perfect for companies that need to screen their applicants before they send them to their exams.

TestGorilla makes it easy to ask a few simple questions and send real-time messages to your mobile candidates. Even when your test is live. Our online assessment tool allows you to explore the candidate’s current knowledge and skillset. It also offers IP address logging functionality, allowing recruiters to track any attempts at cheating or multiple submissions from the same candidate.


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