The best way to know how much time you’re billing is to break down your billable hours. This can create a valuable resource in your law firm. It helps you understand where the time goes and why it’s going there. If you find that much time is going towards brief creation but very little is actually getting billed to clients, you might need to adjust the strategy.

5 Best Free Timekeeping Software for Lawyers

Time management software is a necessity for any successful lawyer. It helps you keep tabs on the time you spend on each case. I also give you a strategic plan for using your hours to the greatest possible advantage. Time tracking software for lawyers allows you to see how long each task takes, which allows you to better plan your workload and business goals for the future year.


5 Best Free Timekeeping Software for Lawyers

7shifts is timekeeping software.  It provides both businesses and employees with a uniform and complete view of time off requests. It also manages time worked, and other time-sensitive information. 7shifts offers an easy drag-and-drop schedule builder for managers to create efficient schedules with their team members. For employees, 7shifts keeps all the information in one place, allowing them to manage requests for time off and work from home with ease.

5 Best Free Timekeeping Software for Lawyers

7shifts is a web-based time-tracking tool that allows you to track your employees’ hours from wherever you are—on the go, at home, in the office. Their mobile app for both Android and iOS lets you log in, view time, and enter time from anywhere. The software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks or FreshBooks so you can ensure your business is on top of its payroll — no matter where you are.


5 Best Free Timekeeping Software for Lawyers

Manage your team with Homebase Timeclock, a time-tracking, and scheduling software solution that makes it easy to stay on top of employee working hours, schedules, and payroll. Free up your time and focus on getting more done by automating the process for tracking employee productivity. Schedule employees’ working hours in real-time and stay updated on what’s going on in your business at all times — even when you’re not there.

As a lawyer, you don’t need to worry about overbooking meetings with your clients — Homebase equips you with the tools to easily manage your schedule, allowing you to set and change appointment times according to your needs. Homebase also comes with its own messenger, allowing you to share crucial information with your associates in real-time.


5 Best Free Timekeeping Software for Lawyers

The most successful law firms today have a single point of contact for managing their cases, and honeybeeBase is the perfect solution. The software’s task management dashboard lets you plan and manage your cases with the help of a built-in case tracker. You can create categories and lists for tasks and assign them to specific associates in your firm. Additionally, you can monitor all work progress through an activity feed.

It offers a full range of features that include task tracking, timeline management, and alerts. HoneybeeBase inspires collaboration through its project-specific dashboards. Its calendar function lets users create events and manage time off via phone, email, or chat. Its real-time communication platform brings teams together by curbing bounce rates, shopping cart abandonment, and shopper dissatisfaction.


5 Best Free Timekeeping Software for Lawyers

With Jibble, you can spend more time managing your business and less on keeping track of employee hours and attendance. With a Jibble account, you can monitor the work done by your employees in real-time, while they’re working. You can send them custom messages and tag their activities with searchable keywords. This software makes it easy to track down each individual employee’s time entries and gauge their performance in the workplace.

Jibble has a feature called Team Time Management. It allows users to see everyone else’s time entries and individual timesheets in one place. Users can use this as an opportunity to collaborate and plan for future projects, or even give each other feedback on their performance. Jibble also has 24/7 live chat and email support, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

5 Best Free Timekeeping Software for Lawyers

Whether you’re trying to save time or money, you know that getting an accurate picture of your business is a challenge. helps small businesses get a complete picture of their operations and growth. It allows them to maximize their efforts and leverage the power of data. Small businesses can track income and expenses. They can also manage payroll and job costing, monitor employee attendance, and reach out to clients with ease.


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