Presenting a list of the best survival games was difficult. With so many options available to players, it’s hard to decide which one is truly the best. The survival games on this list stand out thanks to their immersive worlds, intense characters, and storylines. In some cases, their gameplay mechanics. These ten titles are what we consider to be some of the best and most successful survival games ever created.

5 Best Survival Games

Survival games are a fascinating and addictive kind of game where the most important aspect is to keep moving and survive. The rest is all detail. At first glance, it’s easy to point to titles like Fortnite, PUBG, and H1Z1 as some of the best survival games around — but on closer inspection, we realize that the survival part is just a small fraction of the whole experience.

5 Best Survival Games

Survival games are not easy to get into. While most of them require players to scavenge, build and fight — there’s a learning curve to it all. But if you’re looking for survival games with a twist, we have handpicked some for you below.

Crashlands: An Action Crafting RPG

5 Best Survival Games

Crashlands offers a galaxy of possibilities with its deep, sci-fi storyline, invigorating gameplay, and quirky characters. It is one of the best-known survival games. Fight enemies in real-time using your fists, build a base out of items you craft, collect rare galactic creatures, and ask the aliens for help when you get stuck!

Crashlands’ witty dialogue and interesting characters keep you laughing while you fight to get back home. You’ll need to learn special skills and craft tools as you save this world from its crashing demise.

Your mission is clear: find and craft equipment to defend yourself from the horde of enemies trying to take you down. You form a squad of other intrepid travelers, leveling up your characters and working together to survive. There are 500+ items you can craft, 16 different biomes to explore, 20+ unique enemy types, and the freedom to do it all in co-op mode with your friends.

Downwell: An Action Adventure 

5 Best Survival Games

Downwell is a retro-styled game, featuring innovative gameplay, the insanely addictive action, and a never-involving shop. It’s fun to play, but it doesn’t bug you with in-app purchases. Downwell can be fully enjoyed without ever spending a cent. When you start playing, you’ll find that most of the difficulty comes from your own skill level — not from what items you have in your invention.

You can’t list this game out of the most played and best survival games. It is a must-go.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Series: Horror-Themed Game 

5 Best Survival Games

Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s games belong to the horror survival genre. The franchise has a total of five games, and the reason why we love them so much is that they’re not just about trying to keep characters from killing you — they’re also essentially puzzle-solving mysteries. You play as a character who is stuck in a place with possessed animatronic robots, and must be vigilant, or else they kill you.

Limbo: A horror And Puzzle Based Game

5 Best Survival Games

Limbo is a clever puzzle game that pits your platforming skills against gruesome monsters and mazes that are swarming with deadly traps. The graphics are stylized silhouettes that give each level an ominous, ambient feel — so much so, you’ll feel like you’re wandering through Limbo itself. And you’ll need to be careful: the puzzles are tricky, so first-time players may find themselves dying repeatedly.

Out There: A Dark sci-fi Adventure 

5 Best Survival Games

Out There is a dark and melancholic adventure in deep space. The storyline is that you are an astronaut aboard a spaceship who has woken up from cryogenic sleep, but not in the solar system — thousands of lightyears from home. You are in the middle of uncharted space, alone, and in urgent need of supplies. Rather than give up or die, you choose to salvage what you can and begin the trek back home.


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