Whether you’re a freelancer, office manager, or account manager, odds are there. It could be that at some point, for some reason, you’ll want or need to edit a PDF. Whether it’s adding text to a PDF before emailing it to someone. It can also be combining multiple files into one PDF before sending it out, or even just adding your signature in the middle of an agreement or loan document, editing PDFs is something everyone can benefit from.

Top Free PDF Editors

This article is all about Top PDf editing software you can have hands-on.


Top Free PDF Editors

DocFly is the best way to edit, split, and modify PDF files. Featuring an extensive library of editing tools, its PDF editor makes it easier than ever to add, erase, or highlight text in PDFs, add images to files or split files by extracting pages from the PDF while keeping the original file intact. DocFly also allows users to protect important files with a password and even add digital signatures to their documents.


Top Free PDF Editors

With iLovePDF’s online PDF editor, you get more than one way to professionally edit your PDF files. Not only can you perform basic operations like rotating, resizing, and cropping, but you can also merge multiple PDF files into a single document, add watermarks and security to your PDFs, convert scanned PDF files into editable Word documents, remove password protection from documents and so much more.

ilovePDF is the best PDF editor — and the only one you will ever need. With a sleek, fully responsive design and seamless compatibility with Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, it works on all of your devices — both online and offline. When you’re ready to access your files use ilovePDF’s mobile app for iOS or Android.


Top Free PDF Editors

Sejda is an OCR-enabled PDF management tool that is specifically designed for professionals with a need to share sensitive information. With Sejda, you can exchange important PDF documents with colleagues and partners without having to worry about data leaks. The text editing tool allows users to convert forms into images so that anyone who tries to copy or modify your PDF text will have difficulty doing so.

PDF Correct is a document processing and conversion software. It offers multiple solutions to improve the quality of your PDF files, both for business and personal use. With this tool, you can scan your PDF documents and convert them into grayscale images. While doing so it preserves the layouts and graphical elements — important elements that can be lost when converting to greyscale.


Top Free PDF Editors

Smallpdf is a tool that allows you to edit, share, and store all of your documents in one convenient place. With an online dashboard that provides easy-to-use editing capabilities, users can add shapes, text, and images to PDFs with ease. Users also have the option of compressing PDFs with the tool so they will be smaller in file size and easier to send or store.

Soda PDF

Top Free PDF Editors

Soda PDF is a free PDF editor that lets you customize and manipulate any existing PDFs, including e-books, legal documents, and scanned images. It offers a wide range of tools for page layout design and conversion. It also offers document editing, sign-in screens, form fill-in capabilities, barcode generation, Microsoft Office integration, and much more. Its features are designed to help you create beautiful websites and edit any kind of PDFs at home or in the workplace.

How to choose the right free PDF editor software?

Top Free PDF Editors

In order to choose the right PDF editor, you must first understand how that tool fits into your workflow.

Select a tool that offers optical character recognition:

If you’re striving for a paperless office, you need an OCR app as good as Fine Scanner. This award-winning service can convert scanned documents into editable text and images, making it super simple to turn paper records into digital files.

Select a tool that facilitates collaboration:

Office tools can help your business run more smoothly. Dedicated document management systems, for example, allow team members to collaborate and work together even if they are in different locations. This is a huge time-saver when it comes to calls, meetings, and general problem-solving.

Select a tool with enhanced security features:

You can create and distribute PDF documents with protection so that only the people you want to see the document are able to do so. You should be able to update permissions and change security settings whenever you want without having to redo the original file.


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