Living in a world of technology, we have several gadgets that have made our lives easy. And if it is about mathematics, giving a handheld calculator as the only choice won’t be fair. isn’t it?

7 Best Free Calculator Apps Online

There are many excellent calculator apps online that offer the same features but don’t cost anything. Now you can use your favorite calculator tool for homework assignments and classroom projects. All of them have complex problem-solving capabilities such as geometry and trigonometry.

According to research, the usage of online calculators is drastically increasing. The usage of calculators is not just for mathematicians only. Instead, the numbers are equally integral to the manufacturing or distribution business. In order to tackle their entire accounts and to assure the misstatement of any transaction, the calculation is mostly done on inbuilt calculators on their systems.

 7 Best Free Calculator Apps Online

This article will help you to know some famous and easy-to-use calculators.

7 Best Free Calculator Apps Online

Calculator 1

 7 Best Free Calculator Apps Online

Calculator 1 is the best you can get because it provides three great options. The application automatically detects which one of these three functions you need, making this calculator as simple and easy to use as possible.

You don’t even have to put in your own numbers. Just tap your way through every calculation with ease. This means that the app is also a great educational tool for children who are just learning how to do maths.

Meta Calculator 

Meta Calculator is a scientific calculator that allows you to perform over a dozen different functions. You can graph any equation, use trig or log functions, add, multiply, transpose matrices, and perform standard deviation and other statistical operations.

The calculator boasts multiple advanced features, including calculations that use the least common multiple, permutations, and combinations. It also has a handy memory button for storing calculations for future use.


7 Best Free Calculator Apps Online

Desmos is a high-quality online calculator and graphing tool that combines the power of spreadsheets with the ease of use of an all-purpose calculator. It contains a wide variety of built-in functions, from simple arithmetic operations to advanced calculus, as well as many features useful in the classroom or other places where knowledge is acquired through images and graphics, such as geometry and algebra. Online forums and help are available to assist users.

Google Calculator

7 Best Free Calculator Apps Online

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, also has a hidden calculator that lets you perform basic arithmetic and scientific functions.

By typing “calculator” into the search bar, users can have instant access to a built-in calculator that can handle simple arithmetic, complex algebra problems, It also helps in conversions such as metric and base conversions. Users can also take advantage of Google’s app called Calculator for Android devices.

Symbolab Math Solver

7 Best Free Calculator Apps Online

Symbolab Math Solver is a powerful algebra calculator app that has one central idea: to provide step-by-step solutions to complicated math problems.

It can solve most of the algebra, trigonometry, and calculus problems one would encounter in high school, college, and on GED tests, as well as numerous word problems. The app works best in Google Chrome on a desktop computer, but it can also be downloaded onto iOS or Android devices to work offline.


 7 Best Free Calculator Apps Online

For individuals, Omni is an online database of calculators designed to help with everyday life. It allows users to determine how much time and money they spent.

For students, the app has school-related calculators such as physics homework helpers or essay ideas generators. When looking for information on specific topics, the app provides average statistics from reliable sources and makes them easily understandable.

Keisan by Casio

Casio makes some of the most renowned calculators in the world. Keisan is the company’s online calculator app for anyone who doesn’t have a Casio calculator with them at the moment. This calculator app can perform time calculations and interest rate calculations.

It is also capable of volume calculations, surface area calculations, regression calculations, and trigonometric functions. Hypergeometric distribution calculations, zeta function calculations, matrix transform are some other capabilities of it.



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