We all want the best apps for our iPhones. Look no further; we have your back.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for iPhones and iPads. But do you know the best iPhone apps available? We’re here to show you the best apps we’ve found — from weather apps and photo editors to productivity tools and social media interfaces. If you’re looking for something new and different, this is where you’ll find it.

Top 7 free apps for iPhone in 2022

1. Overcast

2. Otter Voice Notes

3. Amazon Shopping

4. Google Maps

5. Uber Eats

6. FaceTune

7. Kindle


7 Essential Free Apps for iPhone in 2022

Apple has distributed overcast for free on the developer center so as to be downloaded in bigger numbers. Overcast is the most used podcast player worldwide and was ranked #1 in the App Store for 5 years straight.

Overcast is a podcast player that lets you play and manage your favorite podcasts and audio shows. With Smart Speed, Voice Boost, Continuous Play, and 10-hour battery life, Overcast is optimized for listening. Celebrities like PewDiePie and John Green use Overcast to manage their podcast subscriptions.

This app is wonderful because it’s free, useful, and packed with features that make media consumption an enjoyable experience on your iPhone and iPad. The developers of the Overcast app pride themselves on listening to customer feedback and implementing changes that improve the functionality of the app.

The highlighting feature which makes it best of all the other podcast applications include:

  • Smart Speed
  • Voice Boost
  • Easy File Upload
  • Protected Feed Support
  • A Free Download App

Otter Voice Notes


7 Essential Free Apps for iPhone in 2022

It is an application where conversations live.

There are thousands of speech-to-text apps on the market, but there’s nothing like Otter Voice Notes to transform live speeches into texts instantly.

With Otter Voice Notes, you can write speech notes directly from a live speaker — and transcribe them into written text in real-time. This app is used in classrooms everywhere to bring students up-to-date on their course material and provide them with a greater understanding of what they’re listening to. You’ll never miss a lecture again!

The app is available on Apple devices, and there are more than five million Otter Voice Notes users around the world.

Amazon Shopping

7 Essential Free Apps for iPhone in 2022

Save time and effort by ordering online. With Amazon’s powerful online platform, you can easily find what you’re looking for, order it, and get it delivered to your doorstep. In this day and age, efficiency is key, and with Amazon’s massive selection of products and services, everything you need to make your life easier is right at your fingertips.

Amazon it is a daily user application. It gives you access to millions of products like groceries, clothing, electronics, fashion, home needed products, and many more. Amazon shopping is the world’s largest e-commerce site, that allows you the fastest shopping on your mobile screens.

7 Essential Free Apps for iPhone in 2022

Highlighting the best thing about Amazon is that it provides you with best prices with discount or sale opportunities on a yearly or even monthly basis. It is a reliable and a trustworthy online shopping platform that brought all the vendors on a single platform thus assisting you to choose what suits you the most.

You can pay the payments through cards or even make it cash on delivery. More than 197 million people do shopping from amazon per month, and the total sale of the month is approximately $45 Billion.

Google Maps

7 Essential Free Apps for iPhone in 2022

Google has come up with several applications which have helped the human race to evolve at a rapid rate.   Google map is one of the software maps developed by Google. From the previous decades, it has significantly evolved from a simple virtual app to one which can connect you to the other corner of the world with a single click.

It offers a satellite view of roads and streets and calculates the actual time to reach your destination. Most of the Apple users admitted that the Apple map is not perfect,  which makes them switch to Google Maps while driving, biking, and walking.


Google map is one of the best navigation apps on the app store and play store. People have been using this wonderful software free of cost.  There are more than 220 countries and territories all mapped on google. And more than one million people are now using Google Maps all across the globe.

In addition to this, it now also offers to provide its services in an offline mode. Now you don’t have to be worried to be guided at a place where internet connections or signals are poor. You can even share your live location to your friends and family and help them reach at your place in no time.

Uber Eats

7 Essential Free Apps for iPhone in 2022

Uber Eats is an online software where you can get your favorite food delivered from your doorstep. Uber Eats is 3rd party between restaurant and consumer, they are basically a food supplier. This platform was reached in 2014 by uber. It is operational in 6000 cities across 45 countries, and the food is delivered by car, bike, or by foot.

You can pay for the food you get with whatever source you have i.e., cards or cash on delivery, the delivery charge is based on the price of the order in the United Kingdom and other countries the delivery charges are $4.99.

The application is fully upgraded with their menus, reviews, and rating all of which helps the user to choose the best of all the available options. One more thing which is not provided by other food delivery applications is that it is also giving an opportunity to pay extra as a tip. Tips are provided to a delivery man as an acknowledgment for the good service.


7 Essential Free Apps for iPhone in 2022

Face tune is developed by Lightricks. Facetune is a photo editing software used to edit and enhance the quality of the picture, for IOS users. This application has features such as teeth whitening, removing pimples and acne, smoothing your skin, adding makeup, and correcting the light exposure. It is also an award-winning software, and it’s free of cost, you can unlock extra features via in-app purchase.

Face tune allows you to replace backgrounds magically, reshape your face, and also apply amazon sponsored filters. More than 3 million people have subscriptions to Facetune. In 2016 they have launched an advanced version of this software named Facetune 2 that was made to improve the bugs and also offers additional filters.


We don’t need the introduction of Amazon’s eBook. Kindle is an app developed by Amazon for IOS users to read all kinds of eBooks. This app enables you to change the font style, size, color of pages, and adjust the screen brightness, for a customizable reading experience.

According to a report by Amazon in 2021, there are more than 1 billion users of kindle and the statistics are upgrading each passing day.  This is fairly due to the Kindle’s storing capacity for more than six million eBooks available in the United States.














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