As an event planner, you understand the importance of finding good event management software with which you can keep track of registrations and other important information. With an online registration system, you can streamline your entire process and make a powerful tool that automates your workflow. Not only that — but millennials are more likely to fill out a form online than they are to pick up a phone and call in, so it pays to have one!

8 Best Free Event Registration Software

Event registration software allows you to identify and collect the data you need. This application helps you organize an unforgettable event for attendees. It provides the customers with the option to send an RSVP, purchase food, or a t-shirt. In addition to this, you can also register for a session all in one place.  You can even streamline their experience. On top of this, this software helps you analyze the results so that you know where to take your event next time.


8 Best Free Event Registration Software

Eventbrite is a leading software platform for big and small organizers. It helps them organize and promote events of all types. With Eventbrite’s in-depth analytics, organizers have access to actionable data they can use to make smarter business decisions. The Eventbrite team builds their tools with a focus on design and ease of use, allowing organizers to focus on their events.

Eventbrite is a web-based, event management software designed to bring organizers and attendees together. The software offers phone, chat, or email support and also has a mobile app. You can plan your events on the platform and work with an in-house payment system. Eventbrite events are automatically added to calendars. They also become a part of social media profiles when they are created. This makes the sharing of the event possible to share events with others.


8 Best Free Event Registration Software

EventCreate is a software solution for events of all sizes, from small industry gatherings and club meetings to large conventions, trade shows, and multi-day festivals. Whether you’re hosting a conference or planning a social outing, EventCreate lets you collect and manage registrations efficiently.

8 Best Free Event Registration Software

It features customizable event forms with tailored questions and multiple registration options that help you collect the information you need accurately and quickly. The software keeps your attendees informed with confirmation and follow-up emails.


Eventee provides a great way for event organizers to manage their events with ease. The platform allows anyone to organize and run virtual, in-person, or hybrid events. Eventees can use the tool to collect registrations, sell tickets, create agendas, set up attendee itineraries, create surveys and polls, and provide live streaming for events. You can also connect your current ticketing platform like Eventbrite to the tool.


8 Best Free Event Registration Software

Event registration and management can be a nightmarish task for event planners. Eventzilla alleviates this worry by providing a full suite of tools to create custom forms. It also helps build beautiful event websites, process payments, and check-in attendees. The intuitive platform allows you to set up an event within minutes, allowing you to spend more time on the important details of your next event. With a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, you’ll never miss an RSVP again.


FLOOR is a multi-purpose event management platform that allows businesses to hold events that are both professional and fun. With the help of a variety of built-in features, you can create a high-quality event website that’s impressive to attendees and easy to navigate. Moreover, smart registration forms are also built right in, so you can capture information with just one click.

8 Best Free Event Registration Software is all you need to streamline your live events, from registration to analytics. This platform empowers event planning teams. As a result of which they can effortlessly organize every step of the planning and execution process. It saves time and builds engagement across your target audience. Its easy-to-use interface also helps you save money by keeping costs under control through smart and easy collaboration, communication, and status updates.


8 Best Free Event Registration Software

RSVPify allows you to make amazing events, get more people to attend your event, ensure that everyone is following the rules and best practices for your events, and avoid ruining your event experience for anyone. Due to RSVPify’s shared dashboard, you can plan and execute your entire event with ease. The platform enables you to track guest registrations, view future events, and expedite follow-up operations.

Ticket Tailor

8 Best Free Event Registration Software

Ticket Tailor is a powerful customer management system that lets you create and sell tickets and manage your attendees, all from one dashboard. The software allows you to do the following: –

  • Communicate with your attendees using personalized emails and send customized messages to individuals or groups via email or Facebook, Twitter, and SMS.
  • Use box office widgets to display, promote and sell tickets in a number of different ways.

As a result of this application, you can create several types of tickets. Send the confirmation emails to your customers according to the category they belong to, and integrate box office widgets into corporate websites.


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