No longer do people need to read physical books, with the advent of the e-reader, people can finally enjoy the same content on a screen. Multiple formats allow you to enjoy books on your computer or mobile device. No longer do you need to have a physical volume to enjoy its content. E-book formats allow you to read a book using just about any computer or mobile device.

A User Guide To Google Books

e-Books are more environmentally friendly than traditional books and can hold a great deal of content. They can also be shared with ease and are convenient for travel and storage. Traditional paper books provide authors with more reliable revenue, but e-books give everyone in the world access to books at no or very little cost.

What is Google Books?

Google Books is a free service that allows you to search and preview more than 3 million books. Books are not scanned or stored as image files, nor are they available for download or purchase in any manner. Instead, the copyright page from a book is displayed along with its table of contents, publisher information, and snippet view.

A User Guide To Google Books

Google Books is an initiative that allows users to search through books. The initiative started in 2004 when Google Inc. signed agreements with major libraries.  The signed libraries include includes the New York Public Library, Harvard University, Stanford University, and Oxford University. In total, Google has scanned over 25 million volumes to date.

2 Best Free Google Books Downloaders

Google Play Books

A User Guide To Google Books

Google Books is one of Google’s most-used services. It gives the users the ability to access more than 20 million books from around the world. Perfect for students, professionals, and casual readers alike, Google Books provides the freedom of information for all who need it. The Chrome extension makes it easy to find the reading you want with a handy search tool and book details available without leaving the Internet browser.

Adobe Digital Editions

A User Guide To Google Books

Reading is one of the best ways to pass the time and PDF e-books are an affordable and accessible way to read on the go. Adobe Pocket E-Book Reader is a free app that lets you organize, email, or print your e-books — making them easier to access than a bulky physical copy. Whether you need to refer to a document once or a hundred times, e-books are the way to go.

2 Best Paid Google Books Downloaders

A User Guide To Google Books

Aldiko Book Reader

This popular eBook reader is the perfect way to get the most out of a borrowed eBook from your local library! It supports the PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats, which are compatible with most major eBook readers. You can save up to 35% on eBooks you’ve borrowed or purchased by using this application. The application offers paid version offers an ad-free reading experience at a minimal cost.

Moon+ Reader

The most popular paid reading app for e-books, which monitors how many pages you’ve read and how quickly you’ve turned the pages. The app even correlates your reading stats with whatever mood you’re in sad books are more heart-wrenching when you’re sad and happy books are more uplifting when you’re happy, of course. An excellent app for the e-book reader who likes to track their stats about their book collection.

Alternatives To Google Books

 Amazon Books

Amazon Books

Kindle and Google Books are direct competitors. It is unfortunate for users that books from Google Books aren’t directly compatible with Kindle. Unfortunately, this means that users must use a workaround to view the Google Books offerings on their Kindles. Luckily, Amazon is providing a service that does just this.

Apple iBooks

A User Guide To Google Books

Apple has created a native e-book reader that syncs your library across all of your Apple devices. Books are displayed with images and can be instantly downloaded, even if you’re offline. You can import books you have purchased from other e-book vendors into the app. The app reads DRM-free EPUB, PDF, and unprotected MOBI books.

Concerns Over Google Books

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns with Google Books. You don’t want to give Google information about what you read in exchange for access to their product. And your library doesn’t want to violate its patrons’ privacy.

With Bookrack’s platform, you can protect your reading habits from prying eyes and still get access to digital books.

A handful of authors and publishing houses have taken Google to court for scanning copyrighted material. In most cases, these filings were quickly dismissed as copyright holders are required to permit before any work can be replicated online. In addition to its legality, however, many people have also criticized the ethics of Google’s endeavor — they fear it will eventually lead to further consolidation of knowledge in the hands of one company, resulting in censorship and excessive fees.


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