Home Apps Amazon Prime Video Review: Good service for the subscription cost!

Amazon Prime Video Review: Good service for the subscription cost!

Amazon Prime Video

What is Amazon Prime Video?

The streaming giant is flooded with high-quality web series, shows, films, and animated videos. If you are an Amazon Prime user then apart from free shipping, you also have the perk of watching exclusive content of the website. Even though the platform cannot replace the long list of Netflix content, it surely is a strong competition to the US-based platform. 

How to subscribe to it?

There are more than 150 million subscribers to the streaming service across the globe. Anyone who subscribes to the Amazon platform merely for free delivery will be liable for the video streaming service. If you are not a member then you can just buy the Amazon Prime Video service for $9. The subscription is the same as Netflix’s starting plan. You can also be a complete Amazon member for $13 every month or $119 per year. The Prime users also have the option to add on the HBO subscriptions and several other subscriptions including CBS and Starz, however, it costs extra money. 

What are the best features of the streaming giant?

The X-Ray feature of the streaming service is what differentiates the platform from the other platforms. Amazon’s ownership of IMDB allows you to seek information on the film, its cast members, music, and trivia while watching the film. 

Another great feature is that the platform is ad-free. You may encounter a short promo of some Amazon Original show, but that’s it. The streaming platform does not allow regular television advertisements or does not stop the film in between to showcase commercial content. 

To help you with your binging sessions, the platform tells you about the new upcoming releases of the coming month. This is something even Netflix does not have. 

The Amazon Original web shows and movies are available in 4K to deliver the best user experience. The picture quality of the streaming platform is really good to watch films in high definition. However, while running the content on the television, you will require a 4K UHD display and a proper streaming device to run the films and web shows. 

A negative aspect of Amazon Prime Video is that it does not allow the users to create separate user profiles as Netflix and Hulu do. However, the feature has been started in a few countries to allow the users to have six different profiles under just one account. 

How to get a Web Interface? 

The amazon streaming service should be a little more organized. The home page of the platform in no way can match the minimalism aspect of Netflix. The users can select prime Originals, movies, television shows, prime videos, and kids’ content. The platform organizes the list horizontally and it is difficult for the users to find out and explore the huge gallery of the platform. It also comes with an additional menu to rent or buy content. The search bar allows the user to find content through a channel, genre, release date, and title. The platform also mentions user ratings for users to decide whether to watch the content or not. 

Why do I watch Amazon Prime?

  • Excellent exclusive content
  • Great Collection of series and movies
  • Offline capabilities
  • 4K and HDR content 
  • Allows renting and buying of films and Television shows 
  • Allows free membership trial 
  • Offers English series and movies
  • Included with Prime subscription 
  • Great variety of content
  • Ad-free content
  • Affordable membership
  • Suitable for all age groups

Why should I avoid watching it?

  • Interface clutter
  • Confusing menus
  • Absence of user profiles 
  • Difficulty to find content genre-wise 
  • Takes time for uploading new releases

Final Verdict

In case you are a movie buff then, the Amazon Prime Video service is best suited in your interest. In comparison to the other platform, it is pretty affordable concerning the type of expensive catalog of web series and films, the platform delivers. There are absolutely no advertisements, which is the best part of the streaming service. The collection of the platform is increasing with every day passing by. Amid the lockdown, the service has also bought the legal rights of several unreleased films to deliver their content to more new users. The platform also offers a free subscription of 30 days for the user to test the capability of the platform, which is fair enough. Just be careful that if you are not willing to purchase the plan, delete the subscription before money from your account is deducted.

Overall, it is a good platform to binge-watch shows and films!


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