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Apple iPad Pro Review: A brief review to help you decide with your gadget list!

Apple iPad Pro Review

What is an Apple iPad?

The new model launched by Apple has been appreciated by many users because it can be paired with several input accessories, including a keyboard. The tablet has definitely outshined the Android-based tablets and here is the reason why!

What types of Screens? 

The 12.9 Liquid Retina Screen has an IPS backlit LED with 2, 048 X 2,732 pixels. The technology behind the impressive glass screen is super-amazing. The screen has a P3 wide colored display, which automatically adjusts the brightness and the color temperature of the screen according to the ambient light exposure. A few might find this feature of True Tone unnecessary, but the essential pushed tones make you feel simply comfortable without causing much strain to your eyes. The screen offers plenty of light to increase the brightness so that you can even use the iPad sitting on the beach while sipping tropical cocktails. You need not worry about sunlight exposure when Apple iPad Pro is at your rescue. Furthermore, the screen is not all reflective so do not worry about the glare. 

I want to know the Performance

The device is fitted with A12Z Bionic Processor, which is amazingly fast and does every task in the blink of an eye. The battery life of the device could have been a little better. The tablet works 10 hours a day, so you can respond to emails or even watch a movie when traveling. 


The iPadOS is so much more advanced than iOS, which allows you to perform multitasking performances. It is definitely not the perfect platform much offers you a lot on the limited screen. You can easily manage to open multiple tabs and applications at once. You can also easily download the business apps, which can be quickly downloaded from the iTunes App Store. 


Purchasing the iPad Pro is like only having the base model, which needs to be supported by a lot of many accessories. The iPad Pro cannot stand on its own since there is no kickstand, which literally means you have to purchase that separately. The stand costs around $99, which is an additional cost apart from buying the device. 

Now you also need a keyboard, the most important accessory. Having a physical set of the keyboard will change your experience of using the device completely. 

The Apple Pencil is the most important accessory in case you are an artist, and that will easily cost you $125. The gadget has a magnetic tip and that’s the reason it must be used with the utmost care and you cannot afford to lose it. 

Thus, you need to spend a lot of dollars to purchase the necessary accessories, which turn out to be pretty expensive.

What is the quality of materials? 

At the rear panel, there is a Smart Connector. At the bottom edge, there are three metal dots, through which the device connects to the Magic Keyboard. The dual camera is also situated on the rear along with LiDAR array. The device is definitely not lapped-friendly while traveling on the bus; however, it is definitely a good option for multitasking. The slippery hardware seems to be very fragile and cannot be carried without any folio or cover. Carrying a cover also means added weight and you definitely cannot afford to carry it every place you travel. 

How about the Software?

The 2020 version comes with iPad OS 13.4 installed and has definitely brought enhancements. In no small measure, the multi-tasking has improved in comparison to the 2019 model.

What about gaming performance?

The processor allows the device to enable the hardcore tasks to include editing of 4K videos and playing PC games. You can easily enjoy playing games such as Minecraft, Asphalt 9 legends, and Bullet Hell Monday. 

What About Camera?

The main lens is 12mp and the other one is 10mp. The Smart HDR feature allows you to capture 4K video and the front camera has a 7mp camera. 

Why should I buy it?

  • Versatile software
  • Lightweight design and easy to handle
  • Good battery life
  • Swift performance
  • Fine camera
  • Stunning performance 
  • App store and several tablet-specific apps
  • Wide display

Why buy when extremely needed?

  • Over-priced accessories
  • Awkward size
  • Expensive, not affordable for all classes
  • LiDAR Sensor is of no pragmatic use 

Final verdict

You should definitely go for this device considering the productivity of the gadget when attached to all the necessary accessories. If you are an artist or a gamer then don’t even think twice. 


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