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Apple Watch Series 5 Review: A complete package of exactly what you need and the best reason to purchase an iPhone!

Apple Watch Series 5 Review

What about an Apple Watch Series 5?

The latest Apple watch might seem a little pricey; however, the extraordinary specifications will compel you to purchase this gadget. The screen of the gadget is designed in a manner that stays on the entire time. Until now, the users had to tap their smartwatches, but with the new smartwatch, you can glance anytime to look at the screen. You no more have no worry about your hands being dirty anymore. Take a glance from any angle!

Can you tell me the design of it? 

The Series 5 is a lot more like Series 4, the only thing is that the display screen is bigger and the body of the smartwatch is thinner. The corners of the smartwatch are a little curvy, with a digital crown fitted on the side. There is also a Home Button and a side button, which can be used to switch between several apps. The smartwatch comes in different colors and various finishes. The seasonal straps of the smartwatches are very attractive and you can choose the one which is best suited for your personality. Even though the watch is thin, a heart-rate sensor is fitted beneath it. 

What about the applications? 

Everyone is aware that the smartwatch does not only tell time. Notifications help you to interact in the best possible manner. Not only do the Apple apps work but even the third-party apps work on the smartwatch. You can simply reply to messages on WhatsApp simply from your wrist. You can ask Siri to do whatever task you want, you can easily draw out letters and send emojis. The smartwatch simply makes your life easier. You can control the volume of your music using the digital crown placed at the side of your smartwatch. However, the watch cannot store music offline.

What is an Apple pay? 

Just by double-pressing the side button you can easily bring up the card details. There are no Google Maps on the smartwatch, which is the most disappointing factor. However, it surely has Apple Maps, which is getting better day by day. The multipurpose smartwatch also has fitness trackers for health-conscious people. It not only tracks the sports activities, but also keeps a track of your usual walking, running, performing yoga, and fishing. There is a feature that also prompts the user to go out and walk at least two times a day to ensure the health of the users. 

How about the battery life? 

Even after using the Apple watch throughout the day, you will be left with a 40% battery. This feature of the smartwatch has been appreciated by most users. Even though the watch has the screen lit up throughout the day, the battery life game is strong enough. A study was done in which a 4km run was executed with the help of GPS and the heart rate was monitored; the pace of the user was also calculated and the smartwatch consumed only three percent of the battery. 

What is its actual price?

The Apple Watch Series 5 is available in two different sizes, different materials, and the ad-on option of 4G. The aluminum model is available in the 4G version. The 40mm watch costs £399 and with 4G it costs £499.

The stainless steel model with 40mm costs £699 and 44mm costs £749. The titanium model starts at £799, whereas the ceramic Edition costs £1,299 and the Hermes edition costs £1, 249.

Why should I buy it now?

  • Good specifications
  • Amazing battery life
  • More convenient than other smartwatches
  • Built-in compass
  • New App Store
  • Helps to achieve the fitness level
  • Good quality of belts
  • Always on-display
  • Accuracy of heart rate monitoring 
  • Multifunctional display
  • Simple, stylish, and attractive design
  • New Noise App
  • Tracks activity pattern

Why shouldn’t buy it?

  • Very expensive
  • No built-in sleep tracker
  • No Google Maps

Final verdict

The Apple Watch Series 5 has become the best reason to purchase an iPhone first. Plus, the new advancement of the screen being on all the time has received a lot of positive responses from the users. Even though the screen is the entire time, the battery is not drained easily. The series 5 watch has nailed it with stunning specifications. The new series can definitely be considered as the best of 2020. However, you obviously need to purchase the iPhone first.


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