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Audible Review: Is the service worth the money you’re paying?


What is Audible App?

You might feel that listening to audiobooks is more like cheating the fresh-smelling novels. However, after reading this review your opinions will change, for sure. The audible platform is owned by Amazon Company and sells thousands of audiobooks with titles. Read the review to know if the subscription is actually worth the money!

What about Audible’s pricing policy?


The platform offers a free 30 days trial for new users to experience the audiobooks. After the free subscription, the package costs $14.95, every month. However, you can cancel the subscription, whenever you wish to. According to the policy, you get one credit, which you can use to purchase the audiobook. 

In case you purchase the gold monthly plan, then you must pay $149.50, every year. According to this plan, you will have 12 credits to purchase your audiobooks. 

A platinum monthly subscription costs merely $22.95 for a month and provides two credits for every month. You can pay $229.50 every year and you will have a total of 24 credits to purchase the audiobooks. 

In case you are already a member of the Amazon Prime subscription then you can use the platform without any extra cost. You can even buy Audible credits every month. 

What is the library of the Audible platform?

There is no doubt that Amazon has been the largest platform when it comes to books. The library of this platform cannot be compared to the book section of Amazon in any way; however, there are more than 425,000 audiobooks available for the listeners. You will find every possible book of your favorite genre and you will also come across several classic audiobooks. 

How about the application of the platform?

The functionality of the application is very poor and due to the absence of a cursor, there is no way that you can rewind or fast forward the material of the audiobook. It becomes very irritating and is not meant for the people who want to analyze the books. The application is crap and you should use the platform on the website only. 

What about working with Audible? 

You need to sign up on the account for having an official membership with the help of your Amazon account. Every month, the platform offers credit to you and you can use the same to purchase new audiobooks. There are several categories from which you can choose, including technology, social media, romance, ads, fashion, and many more. If you want to purchase more books in the future make sure you purchase more credit.

According to the conditions of the platform, you can easily download any two Audible Originals on the first Friday of all the months. These downloaded versions cost zero credits. The best part of the platform is that you can keep the online versions with you forever. Even after you decide to cancel your subscription you will have the right to keep all the purchased audiobooks. You can easily listen to the audiobooks anytime with your smartphone. 

What are the devices to use the Audible platform?

The greatest advantage of this platform is that you can multitask why listening to your favorite book. It is okay even if you do not have the time to pick your novel and sit and read it for hours. You can simply listen to the audiobook while doing your routine work, watering the plants, or even while taking a walk. You can download the file anywhere, which is one of the best features. Here is a list of devices on which you can download your audiobook:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Kindle
  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Megaboom via Bluetooth

Why choose Audible platform?

  • Saves a lot of time
  • You can purchase the summaries
  • You can keep the files forever
  • Place the membership on hold

Why this is not the perfect platform?

  • Very costly for avid readers
  • Cannot be binged
  • Bad application for poor listeners 
  • Rare reviews on the platform thus difficult to decide 

Final Verdict

You should try the platform for 30 days with the free subscription trial pack. Listen to an audiobook that you feel is out of your comfort zone and then experience what you feel about the same. The best feature of the platform is that even if you unsubscribe from the platform you will have the purchased version permanently in your library.


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