The Google Play Store has over 50 billion app downloads, which clearly shows how much people love to personalize their phones. To help you make the most of your Android OS device, we’ve compiled a list of the best apps you can use on your phone or tablet. Android has a variety of categories, including social, business, education, and more.

Android apps are some of the most popular third-party programs you can download onto your device. One of the main reasons they’re so successful is because Google makes it so easy to access a huge variety of apps within the Play Store.

WhatsApp Messenger

Best 10 Android Apps of all time

WhatsApp is a free messenger app that has over 600 million monthly users. It is available on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Blackberry. This lets you send your contacts messages and media, such as photos and videos. You can also have group conversations with up to 50 people using the app. The app also comes with support for high-resolution image sharing, voice messaging, and quick responses to any of your friends without needing to open the app itself.

MX Player

Best 10 Android Apps of all time

MX Player is the most popular video player on Android. Its simple interface and easy controls let you watch movies without fuss, and advanced video filters like brightness control will help you get the exact look you’re after. You can play every movie ever made with MX Player, plus any TV show or music video you want to see. MX Player is a must-have app for everyone who enjoys watching videos, whether it’s on their phone or tablet.

ES File Explorer File Manager

Best 10 Android Apps of all time

ES File Explorer is a free and powerful file manager app for Android that lets you manage files on your device in the easiest way. It supports over 30 languages, has a clean and simple design, advanced features such as network browsing, and multiple themes you can choose from to give your Android device a personal style. ES File Explorer is the most trusted Android manager with multi-language support.


Best 10 Android Apps of all time

A social network that has 27+ million eligible singles across the world. The Facebook app allows you to share updates, photos, and videos with friends, get notified when friends message you and play games with your friends. It also has a separate messaging service. If you have an android smartphone here’s how to download and install Facebook on your phone.

Open the Google Play Store app and search for Facebook.


Best 10 Android Apps of all time

Airdroid allows you to manage your Android devices remotely from any computer in the world. It enables you to transfer files to and fro. In addition to this, sending and receiving SMS, installing apps, playing music, or even remotely clicking pictures. Airdroid brings the power of your Android device to you — wherever you are all without having to install any software on your PC.

Polaris Office

Best 10 Android Apps of all time

Polaris Office is the must-have app for creating, editing, and sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your Android phone. It lets you create, edit and view Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files right on your Android device. No computer is required to work with Office documents.

Small Businesses are the life of our economy. 86% of all businesses in the U.S. have less than 50 employees.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Best 10 Android Apps of all time

Google Keep is a simple, easy-to-use note-keeping app from Google. It’s available on Android, iOS, the web, and Chrome. Google Keep is a simple, easy-to-use note-keeping app from Google that you can use anywhere — on your Android phone or tablet, any PC with an internet connection, any Chromebook, any iOS phone or tablet, and virtually any browser.


Best 10 Android Apps of all time

Dropbox is the most robust cloud storage offering on the market. With over 100 million users and billions of files saved, it’s safe to say Dropbox has earned its place in the cloud storage market. You can easily store and share photos, documents, videos, music, and more — up to 16 GB of free space. Dropbox is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Opera Mini

Best 10 Android Apps of all time

Opera Mini is a fast, fun, and free mobile web browser for Android. With Opera Mini, you can browse up to 90% faster, save data up to 50%, and reduce your overall data usage by up to 90%.

Opera Mini is available for FREE on the Google Play Store. It automatically compresses sites and images in order to bring you faster browsing.


Best 10 Android Apps of all time

Pocket allows users to “save” web pages, articles, and videos on their devices for later consumption. It is available on all major operating systems, and the service syncs across devices, so you can access your content wherever you are. With a clean and simple interface, Pocket offers a clutter-free experience that makes reading easier than ever before. Pocket is a read-it later app that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and computers.



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