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What Is CouchTuner?

Fist of all, CouchTuner, the idea is to lay back on the couch and watch endless movies. Hence, the name CouchTuner. It is a simple online video streaming site that offers an extensive assortment of television shows. Besides, the home page of the site exhibits all the trending shows, fresh releases, classic favourites and much more. Most importantly, you can browse all of these for free. So, we can simply sit back on the couch and enjoy!

Why is Couchtuner Popular?

CouchTuner is enjoying the throne of gigantic popularity because the site focuses solely on television shows. Moreover, it provides access to hundreds of famous TV shows for free. The list of shows includes the current ones being aired on television. Moreover, the site also has content from all the premium networks like HBO and ShowTime.
Also, the site has a well-organized interface what makes exploring shows an easy task. All you need to do is simply type in the name of the show in the search bar at the top-right corner of the site. And that’s it. Hence, the tremendous admiration and popularity.

Is Couchtuner Blocked?

Since CouchTuner streams pirated content over its countless available subdomains, therefor, it subsequently got banned and geo-restricted in numerous countries on account of copyright infringement by ISPs.

However, despite being pulled down numerous times, the owners of the site were fast enough to create new versions of the site in response to the brutal bans in numerous countries like UK, US, Australia, Germany, Canada, to name a few.

10 Best CouchTuner Mirrors in 2020

CouchTuner mirror sites are smart substitutes to get access to the site. They are a replica of the original site and host its complete content index, library, and database through dissimilar domain names. Furthermore, these sites are run and maintained by the moderators of CouchTuner’s and some other webmasters who love to bring TV series streaming to all across the globe for free.

Listed below are the list of 10 best mirror sites of CouchTuner.


URL Status Speed sslSSL
checkwww.couchtuner.cloud on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkwww.couchtuner.click on Online Very Fast ssl on On
check1mycouchtuner.bz on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkecouchtuner.eu on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkmycouchtuner.li on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkcouchtuner123.com on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkcouchtuner.stream on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkcouchtuner.tv on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkcouchtuner.nocensor.icu on Online Very Fast ssl on On
check2mycouchtuner.one on Online Very Fast ssl on On

Disclaimer: We do not promote piracy. This information is solely for educational purposes.

Best Alternatives to Couchtuner

Besides, proxy and mirror sites, you can simultaneously choose from some of the best alternatives to CouchTuner.  You can access them if the proxies don’t let you in. Moreover, you can also explore them to discover the hidden gems.

So, let’s get going!


couchtuner mirrors

PutLocker is the staple in the world of online streaming. The site is home to movies, TV shows and much more. Moreover, the site also offers Hollywood blockbusters along with TV shows from different parts of the world such as India, Korea, China, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, France, Hongkong, and several other countries. Whoa! That’s too much and too good.


couchtuner alternative sites

Popcornflix is another online streaming site that lets you watch and download endless movies for free. Moreover, freshly brewed content is updated on the site’s database almost daily. Furthermore, all the movies are accessible in HD.


couchtuner alternative

Primewire is also one of the most famous online streaming sites that are known best to make you feel at the theatre. This is because it exhibits new releases for free. Moreover, all the movies are also available in various resolutions to suit your convenience and internet connection. However, before you start to this site, we recommend you to create a user account and read the guide on how to stream movies safely.


couchtuner alternative

Moviewatcher is another steaming site where you can stream watch movies and TV shows for free. Moreover, the site has a wide array of genres. The list includes adventure, action, animation, comedy, thriller, crime, biography, documentary, history, horror, family, drama, short, sport, fantasy, reality show, game-show, talk-show, music, mystery, news, romance, war, and the western. The site is a treat to watch to experience next-level streaming experience.

AZ Movies

couchtuner review

AZ offers everything that you are looking for. The list goes from A to Z. Just like the name suggests. In other words, the list of genre and collection of movies. Hence the name. Moreover, it is all for free. It may also interest you that the site has a treasure of old classics. Most noteworthy, it also has a movie which was released in the year 1915 that directed by Charlie Chaplin. Isn’t that a wow?

How to access Couchtuner?

You can access CouchTurner and all similar sites with the help of a virtual private network. Firstly, a VPN masks your IP address and shields your browsing history. Furthermore, it also diverts the web traffic via its servers, hence protecting you from the clutches of ISP’s. Moreover, VPN also hides your location and protects your incoming and outgoing data. Hence, the use of a VPN is always recommended to ensure safety.


To conclude, we understand that CouchTuner maybe your favourite, however, access to the site may not be assured. Therefore, have compiled a list of the best Couchtuner mirrors and alternatives along with the importance of the VPN. Most noteworthy, be sure to make the best use of VPN and enjoy streaming and be safe. Above all, safety always comes first.

Finally! That’s a wrap.



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