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Duck Duck Go Review: The perfect pick among the search engines, if your prime concern is privacy and security!

What is Duck Duck Go search engine?

Duck Duck Go is a safe search engine that is not involved in collecting the personal data of the users; it prohibits the tracking of accounts and does not even use cookies. The search engine is built in a manner that if you type “Dog”, it will take you to a list of dog links, however, your information will not be shared with a third party, and nor will the search be saved.

Not having any data saved from your previous searches mean that you will not be bombarded with pop-ups related to dogs. Every time you browse the search engine you will be searching for fresh content and no cookies are keeping track of the same. 

The site will be informed if you visit the search engine, however, it will not keep an account of what you searched while browsing. 

What is the Market Share of the Duck Duck Go Search engine?

In the recent past, Duck Duck Go has witnessed a rise in media coverage. The ever-rising statistics are stemmed from the fact that privacy is more desired than ever. 

There have been more than thirty million searches that take place on the search engine every single day. The data is evident in the growing market for Duck Duck Go. In the United States, the search engine is the fourth largest search engine counting its one billion searched per month, all across the globe.

Google search engine has a market share of 88.5%, Bing is in the second place with 6.12% shares, Yahoo! has 4.11% of market share whereas, DuckDuckGo stands fourth with a market share of 0.99%. 

Clearly, the search engine has a lot of competition and has a long way to go to reach the zenith. Nevertheless, it stands fourth in the market share list and has proved to be one of the serious competitors on the graph. In no small measure, the search engine has come a long way and this is only because the platform respects privacy and security. 

How about the Duck Duck Go search engine?

The platform has come up as an alternative to the Google search engine and does not track any personal information like the giant search engines. This is what makes it so different from the rest of the list.

DuckDuckGo has assured users across the globe that it does not store any personal information. They do not collect or even share any information. The search engine does not have the concept of search history, which confirms that no advertising agencies are getting any information from the platform. 

The search engine is loaded with information under the ‘privacy simplified’ option: 

  • Protect your data on every device
  • Subscribe to their Privacy Crash Course to improve your understanding of online privacy
  • Protect your devices by reading privacy guides
  • Find out more about the importance of reduced tracking

What are the Significant stats of Duck Duck Go? 

The statistics of the company have shown that users are more inclined towards privacy and security. The search engine reached ten million searches in the year 2015, in one single day. In October 2018, it managed to reach 20 million searches and in April 2019, the search engine reached thirty-eight million searches. The statistics are a clear indication of the growth of the platform. 

Why should I use Duck Duck Go?

  • Emphasis on safe researches
  • Does not filter content
  • Absence of nudity and violence
  • Foul language not tolerated
  • Adds to the educational value
  • Absence of consumerism
  • No depiction of drugs, smoking and drinking
  • Safe for children
  • User friendly
  • Respects privacy and security

Why shouldn’t I go for Duck Duck Go?

  • Is not as updated as Google
  • Not many people are aware of it
  • Has not indulged in marketing strategies

Final Verdict

The online world is pacing at a very fast rate and with more advancement of technology, the issues related to the same are ever-growing. In such circumstances, you need a search engine that upholds the idea of privacy and security. In no small measure, Google has been updating us with a lot of information; however, the search engine extracts a lot of information from you at the same time. Looking for a better user experience? DuckDuckGo is the best pick for you! 



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