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FootyBite – Top 7 Alternatives


The internet is packed with different football streaming sites that are competing with one another to provide you with the streaming of live matches, the latest news and other updates surrounding the fascinating game. Amongst the dozens of sites, Footybite is a unique site that stands out and ahead of the rest essentially because of its twin functionality. It offers much more than just streaming and providing information.

What is FootyBite?

Footybite is an excellent platform for those football fanatics who are looking to get all the match updates, previews, transfer scoops, post-match opinions, and many other updates. The site represents itself as a foremost platform that offers stats, news, live scores, and other data on its website. However, the site is most popularly known for is its streaming valour. On its home page, by the look of it, you might find it a regular website, however, it’s only after you access the internal pages will you find the streaming links to different on-going live matches that will change your perception you may hold about the site earlier.

Why is FootyBite So Popular?

Footybite is the dream destination for all football lovers. The site is solely devoted to Football. The site covers all kinds of football leagues from around the planet. You can stream EPL, La Liga or Serie A, and much more. And it is not just restricted to. football matches You can also stream and watch the news, latest updates, and various stats related to different leagues playing in different parts of the world. Thus, even if you desire to watch K-League or MLS, there are high chances that you’ll get the timetable and schedule of the ongoing and upcoming leagues and events on the platform. There is also transfer scoops and different other excellent pieces of information which creates a fan’s anticipation as the game moves closer.

Top FootyBite Alternatives

If you’re a footy fan, then you may have already discovered the amazing Footybite. If not, then you must need to check out this super splendid site at least once. Now if the site is down or is geo-restricted in your country or region. Then, we have also compiled a list of FootyBite alternatives for your reference.

Check it out.

1. Fox Sports

Fox Sports guarantees football enthusiasts never miss any match. This free live sports streaming site highlights numerous sports like soccer, tennis, UFC, NFL, golf, bowling, boxing, Olympics and much more. Without spending any money, you get access to experience every sport and see sports news too. Go live on the go!

2. WatchESPN

Lauded as one of the best sites to stream live sports, WatchESPN boasts one of the most comprehensive collections of sporting events. On this site, you can follow several sports such as football, NBA G League, cricket, rugby, boxing, and many other sports. One of its notable features is that it comes with an official app that is compatible with both Android and iPhones, which makes it even easier to watch live games without any hassles. Just unbelievable!

3. Yahoo! Sports

It is no doubt that Yahoo! Sports is one of the go-to sites for free online sports streaming among sports fanatics. This site is popularly known for providing real-time information on several sports categories. Yahoo! Sports allows you to enjoy uninterrupted hours of sports moment on any device and at any geographical location – network permitting. Join thousands of football fans every day with Yahoo! Sports!

4. Sony LIV

Comprising of both premium and freemium packages, Sony LIV delivers the game to you irrespective of what device you use or where you are located. In other words, your geographical location is never a limitation to access the site. You don’t have to worry about your hectic schedules as Sony LIV offers HD quality sports streaming that is aired across the globe. From the convenience of your home, office, bus, train or anything, you can discover several sports games. This includes cricket, NBA, football, WWE, tennis, racing, and much more. Do not let an active schedule steal your passion for the game. Go live with Sony LIV!


LAOLA1 offers both free and paid subscription-based services. Although this is an Australia-based streaming site, still many football enthusiasts around the world can watch several sports games no matter where they are. LAOLA1 offers a diverse range of sporting events such as football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, and much more. Therefore, you are sure to stay united and connected with the sports site that holds your interest with its diversity of content forever. Super fun!

6. StreamWoop

This is yet another marvellous free sports streaming site. The site delivers the world of sport to your house, office, while travelling or wherever you are, as long as you are on this planet with a working device and internet. Here, you can watch sports events like US football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, and so much more. StreamWoop makes it effortless to stay up-to-date with all the relevant sports info.

7. VIP League

Although the name seems like you may need to put out some money before accessing the site and watching your desired game, it is one of the most reliable, free live sports streaming sites ever. All you need is an internet connection to watch all of your favourite sports such as boxing, football, rugby, tennis, baseball, UFC, cricket and a lot more. As the official site states, VIPLeague is a place to watch every game live and free!


So, to conclude, here was the list of the top 7 alternatives to FootyBite. If you are an avid football lover, this is the site for you. But if you want to explore more games and events that are being played around the world. We have presented a list for you to dig in and enjoy the next-level streaming experience. Let us know what is your new favourite in the comments below.

Happy Streaming All!


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