Home Apps Gaana.com Review –Everything you need to know about the streaming service

Gaana.com Review –Everything you need to know about the streaming service

Gaana App Review

What is Gaana App?

The largest audio streaming service has around 150 million active subscribers, with songs in 21 different Indian languages, and also has international content. The music catalog of the streaming service is available to users across the globe. As far as the Bollywood segment is concerned, it has some of the most popular songs, however, in terms of international songs, the segment is improving. 

What is the subscription structure?

  • Maharashtra- 15% 
  • Uttar Pradesh- 12 %
  • Delhi-10%
  • Other states- 63%
  • US, UK, UAE, Canada, and Australia- grown over 78% in these places in comparison to the past.

How to get accessibility?

The accessibility of the streaming service is very effortless and easy. You can hit the browser and simply type www.gaana.com 

However, if you’re looking for a permanent solution, then downloading the application is the best way. The application is available for all Android, Blackberry, and iPhone users. However, Blackberry users have faced an issue, where the application demands the Blackberry PIN and obviously it is not meant to be shared. On the contrary, the streaming service works very swiftly on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. 

There is an option to sign in and create an account for streaming services however, it is not compulsory for ones who casually visit the service. Nevertheless, signing up means having access to the special playlists, which otherwise is not possible.

How is the performance? 

The quality of the soundtracks on the platform is really good. A test was conducted to see the service provided by the platform when the connectivity is low. The test of the Gaana platform was compared to iTunes and the result proved that Gaana performed much better in comparison to iTunes and played music without any buffering. 

When the smartphone app was tested, it was found that the platform delivered a stable and efficient performance. Obviously, it will stutter if used 3G, however, try using a 4G connection to have no interruptions in your musical session. 

The app was connected to a 5.1 speaker to test the quality of the tracks and it was surprising that there were no technical interruptions and the quality was good to go for a DG night at home. 

The collection of Hindi songs is really amazing and all the popular and new releases are always on the board. The platform also has a huge collection of old vintage songs to stir nostalgia. However, the not-so-popular genres still need some work. English music categories cover the latest albums, pop, rock, and much more. The platform should take an initiative to add more songs that do not enjoy much popularity as well, since there are scores of people who still would like to listen to those. 

I want to know the Interface

This can be understood under two different heads;

  1. The interface on the browser
  2. The interface on the application

Considering the web browser, the features can be implemented really well. Gaana.com has worked on the pixel display and covers the entire screen space of 1366 X 768. The information given by the platform is evenly spaced out to allow the users to have the best experience. On the left-hand corner, there are tabs for popular songs, artists, genres, new releases, and playlists. The lower part has several other features for a better music experience. 

In the app, the home screen is flooded with the best features. There are two tabs with top playlists and top songs. The menu bar has further detailed options for the user.

Overall, the design seems workable under both heads; however, the platform can use a better theme to attract more users. 

Why should I install the app?

  • Good quality of soundtracks
  • Latest songs available 
  • Variety of playlists for different moods
  • Accessible via app and website both
  • Not an intrusive service 
  • Available in different languages
  • Has a lyrics feature
  • Videos of popular songs are also available 
  • Filer option available for the convenience 

Why Should I ignore it?

  • The not-so-popular genres need to be worked upon
  • Poor customer service 
  • Works only in vertical mode on the apps
  • Too many ads in the free version
  • The Kannada language has not been include

Final Verdict

We clearly do recommend the streaming service because it is free and offers really impressive playlists, knitted for your special mood. Clearly, the advantages are way more than the disadvantages. What are you waiting for? Download the application right away!


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