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What is GoGo Anime?

In recent years, the love for anime has witnessed a significant rise in popularity. It is almost like the anime fan base has exploded in numbers and love. The viewer count of anime is growing by leaps and jumps. Gogoanime is one of the most loved anime sites. It is also the most heard name in the world of anime. Therefore, all you need to know about GoGoAnime is in this article. The write up also includes the best alternatives to GoGoAnime.

Why is GoGoAnime so popular?

GoGoAnime is one of the most loved anime streaming sites. For many years, the site has been a dominant anime platform. The reason behind its popularity is because it specializes in Japanese anime. The site also offers high-quality online streaming. Furthermore, users can view anime in different resolutions.  Above all, the site works can be accessed on all web browsers that support HTML 5. GoGoAnime also has many English dubbed shows. This, as a result, helps young anime fans. They can enjoy the action on the screen. No hassles of reading subtitles. Hence the popularity.

Is GoGoAnime Blocked?

Unfortunately, yes. Most of the countries have blocked GoGoAnime. It is also blocked in places where anime is broadcasted on television.  Therefore, we have curated a list of GoGoAnime alternatives. All you need to do is explore all. And finally, chose the one you love the most.

GoGoAnime Alternatives

While many countries have blocked  GoGoAnime, the site is also facing major competition from other sites. Many other anime sites offer better features than GoGoAnime. Furthermore, features like ad-free streaming that are present in other sites are absent in Gogoanime. This gives other sites a competitive edge. Let’s explore the best GoGoAnime.


Chia-Anime is one of the most wide-ranging sources of Asian dorama and anime.  Users can download most of the episodes from the site. This can also be downloaded in an MP4 video file format. Furthermore, one can play the downloaded content on any device. It can be a TV, smartphones, or video game console.

The site also has an active Facebook page. The site members can make requests, offer feedback on the Fb page. They can also find shows that have been added to the Chia-Anime site. While other sites have an URL that begins with“www,” the Chia-Anime site’s URL starts with “ww2.” This URL indicates that the server that hosts the site is part of a larger server farm.


go go anime

KissAnime is the king of anime streaming sites. It has earned this reputation for quite some time now. The site holds the key to the door of a massive database of anime content. The site also has a different version only for smartphone users. The mobile version is designed to use less bandwidth. The mobile version is also touch-optimized.

KissAnime also has an active forum segment. This enables the site members to use the forum for discussions of any kind. We highly recommend this site. KissAnime is sure to take your anime streaming experience to the next level.


gogoanime shut down

Animeland is an excellent platform to watch dubbed anime for free. The site requires no registration or membership. Animeland is the land of many popular anime shows. Furthermore, users can find full episodes of shows like Naruto, One Piece, Sword Art Online on the site. The users can view a list of all dubbed anime can easily. The search bar option on the top-right corner of the site helps users to search their favorite anime shows.

Animeland also has a chat widget on its site. The visitors recommend shows to one another with the help of the chat window.


gogoanime online

AnimeShow.tv is popular for its elegantly-designed site. It also has anime of all genres. The list includes action, ecchi, fantasy, horror, adventure, mystery, romance, comedy, drama, mecha, school, seinen, shoujo, vampire, space, and many more. Furthermore, users get an option to watch random anime at the start.

The site also provides a description of each anime. The descriptions included are taken from MyAnimeList.net. This information helps users know more about the anime that is being played. The details also include the number of episodes present. Moreover, users can leave comments on individual episodes as feedback.


free anime gogoanime

Animestreams is a simple website with a simple interface and an overwhelming amount of content. The users can, therefore, explore more and more anime from the hidden treasure. Both dubbed and subbed anime are available on the site.  The site keeps on adding newly released episodes almost every day.

Animestreams also offer multiple streams for each anime. So, there is no need to switch to another site half-way through, if in case you encounter any issues.

How to Watch GoGoAnime Anonymously?

GoGoAnime and other online streaming anime sites do not host any video content on their own servers. They are rather dependent on the wide network of third-party hosting services. The anime streaming sites, as a result, only acts as a gateway to watch anime at our own risk.

Therefore, anime streaming sites protect themselves from copyright watchdogs. This, however, does not protect you. In order to stream and enjoy anime without worrying, you should use a VPN service to stay safe.

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN acts as a tunnel that enables you to receive and send data anonymous.  VPN service providers use the most powerful encryptions that make it impossible to track your activity. Furthermore, VPN does not keep any logs or records of your online activity.


GoGoAnime and many likewise streaming anime sites gives you the privilege to watch the most popular shows for free. Without any registration or membership.

Most of the anime online streaming sites host original and dubbed anime episodes. So, to make your anime streaming experience better, we have compiled a list of the best alternatives to GoGoAnime. Enjoy to the fullest.


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