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HBO Go Review: The best pick to watch classic movies and shows with a pocket-friendly subscription package!


What is HBO GO?

The video service provider is in high demand and is the best pick to watch HBO series, shows, and films through computer and smartphone screens. HBO Go will not give any access to the cable shows but you can have access to a few classic films and content amid the lockdown. The best thing about this platform is that you need not pay additional if you already have access to HBO subscription. The interface of the platform is definitely very attractive. 

What is the pricing of the HBO GO platform?

HBO Go platform is free along with the HBO subscription. In case, you do not have a subscription to the latter you will not be accessible to the content on HBO Go. Thus, to stream classic films and TV shows for free you must have to compulsorily log in to your platform provider credentials. The satellite subscription of HBO TV subscription ranges between $10 to $12. However, if you do not have the mentioned subscription then you can go for HBO Now subscription which costs merely $14.99 per month. However, this is a standalone package.

What about the sound quality and video quality of the platform?

The sound quality of HBO Go is great; however, there is room for improvement in the quality of the video. The preview stills can be very misleading and there are chances that you may encounter graininess in the content. This is a major turn-off for the movie buffs! Overall, the video quality is good, however; the users can enjoy the option of switching between the quality of the content rather than depending on the connectivity at all times. Thus, the platform must work towards this particular setting option. 

What is about the HBO GO series Pass Feature?

This innovative feature will automatically upgrade your Watchlist by adding the episodes of your favorite web show. The additions will then sync to your account and can be viewed from all the devices to which the account has been linked. 

What about a watchlist?

The watch of HBO Go is very similar to the watchlist of the Netflix platform, where the programs are tracked. There is no restriction to the number of shows you can add to your list. You can either delete the shows on the list if you wish or they will disappear off the list, whenever the platform takes that particular show off. The watchlist also keeps an account of the shows you have watched previously so that you need not worry about feeling lost. You can pick up exactly where you left no matter, which device you are on. 

What are the Benefits of the HBO GO?

1. No caps

Don’t worry about the number of devices connected to the same account. Thus meaning that a group of people can contribute to the subscription cost and watch engaging content for the least cost possible. 

2. Family-oriented shows

There is a variety of content for families and a lot of content is available, which is suited for the kids.

 3. Latino option

The platform in no small measure offers a wide range of classic content to choose from. HBO Go has a section showcasing Latino programs. 

The devices which are compatible with the platform are as follows:

  1. Apple TV
  2. Android TV 
  3. Amazon Fire TV
  4. Samsung Smart TV
  5. Tivo
  6. Playstation 3
  7. Playstation 4
  8. Roku
  9. Xbox 360
  10. Xbox One

Why should I go for HBO GO?

  • Access to HBO shows, series, and films 
  • Access to exclusive content on the platform 
  • You can customize your watch list and add your favorite shows to the list.
  • Displays both old and new shows
  • Shows of various genres
  • Offers various family shows

What are the drawbacks?

  • To have access to HBO Go, you need to have a subscription of HBO
  • Does not have access to all the classic TV shows and movies 
  • Not so good quality
  • Quality depends on the connectivity of the internet
  • No additional options to switch the content of the videos

Final Verdict

Overall HBO Go is a must-have platform for all the movie buffs considering the amazing features of the platform and the kind of content it delivers. However, the platform has definitely some room for improvement in the video quality segment and will attract a lot more customers after the necessary steps.


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