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How to create an Instagram page ? (Step by Step)

What is an Instagram page

What is an Instagram page?

The fact cannot be denied that social media marketing has become very significant for brand image and boost sales. Thus, it is very important to create an Instagram business page on social media platforms to engage and drive in customers.

Instagram has proved to be one of the best platforms to help businesses all across the globe to create visually attractive content to promote services. It is your time now to choose Instagram and grow your business rapidly. This guide will give you a complete brief of “how you can create your Instagram page”:

How can I download the application and create a page?

Downloading is the first step for creating an Instagram page, you can either download the application or use it on the browser. If you are using your smartphone then download the application on Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, or Apple App Store.

For creating an account, you need to fill in your information and select a picture as your profile picture. To keep the account professional, make sure that the profile picture is the logo of your brand.

Can I complete the information on my Instagram page?

It is very important to fill your business account with significant information if you want more traffic on your page. To add information, you need to click on the option, “Edit Profile”. Here is the place where you can add your brand’s description and the website URL.

Also do not worry about the username you set; you can change the username whenever you like. Once you have done entering the information click on done and that is how you have made an account on the social platform.

What is an Instagram page?

Can I post relevant pictures and videos on Instagram?

Once you have done setting up your account, publish your content. In order to post content, you need to click on the “+” option and that application will take you to your folder with the latest pictures and videos.

You even have the option of clicking a new picture or shooting a fresh video. Once you have selected your picture, a list of filters will be visible on your screen, simply choose the best one. 

Add an appropriate caption for the same and hashtags relevant to your post. You can even select a proper location and once you are done with all the steps click on publish.

Can I add a personal story to my Instagram account?

Story on the Instagram platform brings you closer to the followers, the story will last only up to 24 hours on your account. It is a great method to post something timely or unique. It is a lovely option to connect with the followers with casual interactions and get them closer to your brand.

What is an Instagram page?

How to find people on Instagram?

Once you have uploaded a picture, you must connect to the people. The platform will give you an option of “Find People to Follow”, which will help you to connect to your Facebook friends. You can even connect to people through your contact list or suggestions. 

You can even search people, brands, hashtags, celebrities, bloggers and explore places with this platform. In the explore option you will only see content that is relevant to you and your Instagram activities.

How to convert my personal Instagram account into a business account?

If you want your brand to attract traffic and reach a greater number of people then you have to convert your personal account into a business account. With this account, you will have more tools to boost your growth and drive more sales. The benefits of conversion of account are:

1. Generate advertisements

2. Instagram Analytics help y define your goals and reach them

3. You can add your business contact number and email address.

The best part is that the business account is absolute, all you need to put in is effort.

Where to follow the insights regularly on Instagram?

With Instagram Analytics, you can see the demographics of the followers. This will help you to analyze which posts are generating more engagement and traffic on your business page. This comprehensive tool will help you determine which content you should focus more on. 

Final Verdict

It is high time you become one of them. Follow these steps and create an Instagram page on the platform today!


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