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Hulu review: Strong section of shows and films for users and also showcases live content!

Can I get more about HULU App?

Even though the streaming platforms have a cut-throat competition, Hulu has managed to mark a remarkable presence with its strong and different genre library of films and shows. The platform also serves as a live option, which adds to the list of best features of the platform. 

What is the Pricing Policy of HULU App?

On-demand and ad-supported plans on the platform cost $5.99 per month. To avoid the flying advertisements between your content, you must purchase the plan of $11.99, per month. If you want to purchase the Live TV as well the plan price will rise to $54.99. Earlier, the same plan cost merely $44.99. whereas there is also another option of combining ad-supported Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ just for $12.99. 

The no-commercial plan, which is overpriced, displays a few ads for some of the programs but the platform has openly admitted its limitation. The ads displayed during playing the content are just like television advertisements, very obnoxious, and jarring. Some commercial breaks are also flooded with the same advertisements back-to-back which can be pretty much annoying. Since you are switching to a different platform than the television, you expect no advertisements and the platform gives you a hard time. 

The platform also offers HBO at $14.99, Showtime at $8.99, and Cinemax at $9.99. All the shows and films are made available to you along with the live feeds. The Live TV plans have an enhanced Cloud DVR (allows 200 hours of storage and you can even fast forward the advertisements) and Unlimited Screens(which allows multiple users to stream content simultaneously). This plan costs $9.99 per month and $14.98, including both options. There are several add-on options for the entertainment segment, which include Cooking, Discovery, DIY, Family, and Science channels merely for $7.99 extra per month.

What are the top features of HULU App?

Hulu allows users with premium subscriptions to download TV shows and films for watching offline. The feature initially was launched for iOS users; however, the Android users were made accessible to the same service. The users can successfully download twenty-five videos across five different devices. Downloads automatically expire after thirty days. 

How about the base plan of HULU App?

The basic plan of the streaming platform can support two streams to run simultaneously. The standard caption option is available, however; it is nothing like the Netflix platform. To watch any show or film on the streaming platform you can easily choose the style, color, and size of the subtitles, it ensures that the subtitle text is best suited for your comfort. There are like and dislike buttons on the platform, amazing search tools, and customized home screens for every user. Hulu offers a completely different experience than other platforms. 

How about the Web Interface?

As soon as you purchase the plan for the streaming service, personalized options will be offered to you, which will help you to choose channels of different genres to bring you the best movies and series. The platform uses this information to customize your ‘My Stuff’ segment. The platform’s interface provides on-demand content with flashy sliders, which will help you to discover the content very easily. The homepage has a horizontal list that can be scrolled to witness different categories, including News, Sports, Live Now and Hulu Original content. At the top of the webpage, you will notice a section of My Stuff and Live TV.

On the upper right-hand side, there are search and account options to help the user discover more content on the website. In the accounts option, you can manage your payment details along with your ad-on and subscriptions. You also have an amazing option of creating user profiles for different individuals. You can also restrict profiles to kids-only content. The Browse menu allows you to select any option from dozens of genres. The on-demand and Live-TV are flooded with lots of engaging content. 

Why should I opt for HULU App?

  • Amazing collection of TV series and films
  • Channel lineup is varied
  • Available mostly on all the devices
  • Cloud DVR: the most unique feature

Why should I avoid it?

  • Fewer originals than tough competitors
  • The offline download asks for a premium upgrade
  • On-demand plans include advertisements
  • Enhanced price for Live television 

Final Verdict

The platform is the best pick for the ones, who are looking for some engaging content with different genres. Hulu also has a unique feature of having a customized home page, suited best in your interest. Overall, it’s a good streaming platform.


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