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iPhone SE review: hand-crafted article to bring the specifications of the new model into the limelight

iPhone SE

How to describe an iPhone SE?

The phrase old is gold has been made rightly justified by Apple’s 2020 iPhone SE launch. It is hard not to choose this new model with some of the best specifications, which suit every user in this generation. What makes the new model special is the latest Apple processor, A13 Bionic!

Most of you must have noticed that the iPhone SE resembles the size and cut of the iPhone 8. Probably, the only difference between the two models seems the position of the Apple logo. The logo has been shifted from the rear panel of the center of the model.

Can I get to know about iphone SE launch and pricing?

iPhone SE 2020 was launched on April 24, 2020, and the phone is currently on sale in the US, UK, and Australia. The starting range of the phone is $399 and the base model comes with 64 GB and is also available in 128 GB and 256 GB. In the US, the company is also offering financing plans to attract more buyers.

What are the other specifications of an iphone SE?

  1. Screen- 4.7 Retina HD (LCD)
  2. Processor- Apply A13 Bionic
  3. Storage-64, 128 OR 256 GB
  4. RAM-3 GB
  5. Camera-12MP Rear Camera and 7MP front-facing camera
  6. Operating System- iOS 13
  7. Dimensions-138.4 X67.3 X7.3 mm
  8. Weight-148 g

What about the screen?

The 4.7″ 16M-color LCD screen has a resolution of 750P. The screen of the new model is very similar to the iPhone 8 screen. Earlier, the screen of the old model used to pose a problem while using a spreadsheet since only thirteen rows were visible. It was also really frustrating when you wanted to check feeds or read long news-related articles.

With the new dimensions, now even typing on the touch keyboard has become very easier. The display can be considered fine and you really cannot expect the OLED display at this cost. The brightness of the screen could have been worked upon though.

How long is the battery?

The battery of the new model is 1,821 mAh and has access to 18 W charging. With this rate the phone charges at a fast pace and within just 30 minutes, the battery shoots from zero percent to 50 percent. The A13 Bionic processor has definitely made the new model power-efficient in comparison to iPhone 8. 

How about of camera- quality? 

The 12-megapixel rear camera is very identical to the rear camera of the iPhone 8. The images clicked from this camera seem very well-balanced with fine detailing and appropriate color accuracy. However, the grain is more prevalent in middle-to-low light making the images a little darker. The Night mode of the new model is a sheer-waste and the portrait mode does not work on objects but just on human profiles. The video recording option offers 4K at 60fps, which is good given the cost of the smartphone. 

The selfie camera of the smartphone captures finely detailed images when clicked in reasonable lighting. However, the images turn out to be a little soft and dark when light exposure is poor. 

What colors are available in the market? 

The new model comes in pitch black, white, and product red. The company has offered decent colors considering the cost of the phone. 

What is A13 Bionic processor of an iphone SE?

The new model has an improved chipset and the extra power allows the user to flip between apps, edit the portraits better, shoot videos faster, and click pictures at a faster pace. The new model was compared to the iPhone 8 plus and it was concluded that iPhone SE managed to complete the tasks much quicker. 

Why should buy it?

  • Light frame and easy to handle 
  • Low price in comparison to the other models
  • Powerful chipset
  • Attractive colors
  • Efficient battery
  • Decent Camera
  • New processor

Why Should I go for another model?

  • Old Screen Technology
  • No headphone jack
  • Poor brightness

Final verdict 

The new model seems great value for money and the cheapest model; it comes with a Touch ID and a decent camera for clicking portraits. iPhone SE is very lightweight and the battery offered at this cost is quite efficient. Considering the new dimensions of the phone, it is very easy to handle. The new Apply processor A13 bionic is also one of the best upgrades, thus you should definitely go for this buy. 


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