Home Apps Kayo Sports Review: Unique Features to deliver the best experience!

Kayo Sports Review: Unique Features to deliver the best experience!

Kayo Sports

What is Kayo Sports?

Kayo Sports is the best platform for Australians, who cannot help but wait for sports channels to stream content. This platform is the perfect pick to watch ESPN, racing.com, and beIN Sports content. It is much cheaper, flexible, and definitely offers a superior experience to make sports an absolute delight to watch. 

Kayo is a live streaming service that was launched in the year 2018 and in no time captured the attention of sports freaks to become a major distributor to fans across the continent.

The innovative features and the future roadmap of the platform have definitely dragged customers to purchase the super-pocket-friendly application. 

How much do Kayo sports cost?

The USP of the platform is its price since it offers two streams to work simultaneously at $25 per month and three streams to work simultaneously at $35. It is definitely great value for money. 

With the globe advancing towards technology, people are more addicted and glued to the Netflix platform. Kayo is prompting people to watch better content and encouraging sports through more pocket-friendly subscriptions.

Can I watch 4k streams on kayo sports?

However, the latter does not provide 4K content; which is one major drawback. You cannot even record anything nor do you have any access to the content, which is not related to sports. 

4k streams

But concerning the subscription cost for an Australian, it is just perfect. It can seem a little expensive for the one who is just interested in one particular sport, but for a sports freak.

it is a great deal than having a different app for each sport. Plus, the platform is not even thinking about increasing the subscription cost anytime soon. 

What channels are available on Kayo sports?

Currently, there are only fourteen channels on the platform but it is obvious that the number will increase. Racing.com was added to the list of the platform in 2019.

At its launch, the platform also revealed that it will purchase the Red Bull TV channel however, this has not occurred as of yet. The UI of the platform is set in a manner that you simply have to click on the desired sport and the league.

Then the platform will automatically organize content for you, best suited to your interests. Furthermore, Kayo is not at all limited to channels such as Foxtel, which clearly means that it can display more content for its viewers.

Kayo sports

Features on Kayo sports

  1. Split view: this feature allows you to stream two programs at once on a small screen and allows four programs to be streamed on big screens. You can change the size and move as you wish.
  2. Interactive Stats: you can easily access the stats panel. You can be bombarded with the apt real-time live data you wish, simply with the help of the user interface and browsing. 
  3. Notifications: you have the option to be notified about a particular live event of your choice even if you are watching something on the platform. 
  4. Key Moments: marks the timeline of the sports event you are watching to keep an account of a notable moment. You can directly jump to these moments by simply creating your highlight area. Highlights can also be turned off in case you don’t want any kind of spoilers.
  5. Fixtures: you can look at what are the upcoming events by using the Fixture Tab. It allows you to keep a tab of the sports and catch them live. 

Why I should Buy Kayosports?

  • Value for money
  • No contract
  • HD content included
  • Unique features to view content
  • Provides a 14-day-free trail 
  • Good range of live sports 
  • Documentaries and on-demand replays are included

What are the drawbacks of kayo sports?

  • 4K is not compatible
  • Low support of Native TV App
  • Non-sports content is not included 

Final verdict

In case you are a sports junkie then this platform is highly recommended for you given the user interface, subscription deals, and unique features. However, if you are just interested in one particular sport then this is definitely not the right pick for you! 


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