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What is KissAnime?

It seems like Anime with its most noteworthy characteristics of vibrant characters, colourful graphics, and surprisingly mature themes have become a sensation across the globe. As a result, today we are going to discuss the famous site KissAnime. We will also discuss its mirror sites and finally, the recommended alternatives

KissAnime is an online streaming anime site. The site is first of all famous for its enormous list of anime genres. The list includes major genres such as Adventure, Action, Comedy, Slice of Life, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Magic, Supernatural, Mystery, Romance, Psychological, and Sci-Fi.

Furthermore, KissAnime covers popular sub-genres as well. This list covers Cyberpunk, Ecchi, Demons, Game, Harem, Josei, Historical, Hentai, Martial Arts, Kids, Mecha, Music, Isekai, Military, Parody, Police, Reverse Harem, School, Post-Apocalyptic, Seinen, Shounen-ai, Space, Shoujo, Shoujo-ai, Shounen, Sports, Tragedy, Vampire, Super Power, Yuri, and Yaoi.

KissAnime can be accessed on almost all the devices. It is because all you need to watch the anime is a  web browser with JavaScript support. There’s also another version of KissAnime. This version is designed specifically for smartphones. The version, hence, cannot be accessed from desktop computers.

Why is KissAnime so popular?

KissAnime is certainly one of the most popular websites among anime lovers. It is popular for the reason that, first of all, it gives free access to a diverse variety of anime shows that also consequently comes in English dubbed and subbed anime in HD, hence the popularity. The site has a simple interface and an exceptional picture quality. As a result, this gives the viewers an amazing steaming experience.

Mirrors sites to KissAnime

KissAnime users need to be even more careful when it comes to the credibility of the mirror sites. These proxy sites may be unsafe. Also, the sites do not provide good content. Therefore, to save you the hassle, we have curated a list of rather safe mirror sites. Kindly put your safety jacket on before you swim through them.

URL Status Speed sslSSL
checkLink1 on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkkiss-anime.me on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkkissanimetv.net on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkkiss-anime.co on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkkissanime.ru on Online Very Fast ssl on On
We have also prepared a list of KissAnime alternatives for you to explore them.

Best Alternatives to KissAnime

We have published some of the best KissAnime alternatives that you should try at least once. KissAnime has been taken down a few times. It is, therefore, sounds like a good idea to check out the likewise sites listed below;


kissanimeLikewise, KIMCartoon is a fairly new site. While the site is young to KissAnime, it seems like, the site has marked its space already as an excellent source of animated content from Japan and the United States. The content available KIMCartoon is categorized. It can be sorted by genre. As a result, it becomes easy to discover the hidden gems.


kiss anime

If you’re into anime for long, managa is not new to you. Most of the anime movies and shows are based on manga. It is the name created for Comics in the Japanese language. You can always switch to this site to read popular manga for free.


kissanime alternatives

9Anime is one of the fastest online streaming sites with a polished design and even a sleeker library of Japanese anime content. Users registered on the site can make requests and suggestions. Viewers streaming this site can enjoy a wide range of genres. The genres include action, drama, vampire, josei, magic, shoujo-ai, samurai, yaoi, mecha, shoujo, sports, and others.



GoGoAnime is a site with the most noteworthy strong social media presence. You can follow GoGoAnime on Twitter and Facebook. The site has been active since 2014. It displays almost dozens of ongoing popular series on its front page. It is also a great alternative to Kissanime. Furthermore, it has a good collection and a user-friendly interface.


kissanime alternative websites

AnimePahe is a global community of shared repository. The shows and movies on the site have been shared and deposited by the anime enthusiasts. The site also maintains an active Discord server. The members of the site connect to each other through the server. The members here almost breathe anime, and live anime and recommend favourite shows to one another.

Is Kissanime a Safe?

It was believed that Kissanime is not a safe website. The rumoured news also claimed that KissAnime contains a virus. Furthermore, the site can damage the devices, if accessed. But, user feedback speaks for itself. If feedbacks are to be considered, then Kissanime is an absolutely safe site. It has no virus. The official website doesn’t contain any kind of malware or spam ware.

How to access KissAnime?

Anime lovers always love to download episodes from different websites. You can access KissAnime or any similar site easily. All you need is a VPN. A Virtual Private Network. If you connect to a fast VPN, it will give you maximum security and privacy of data. A VPN can make you untraceable by copyright agents.


There was a time when it was almost believed that anime for kids or maybe a Japan-obsessed culture. While, in contrast, the current craze of anime worldwide tells a different story. The list of KissAnime alternatives are compiled as a result of the increasing anime fan base. The list is exclusively for anime lovers. The chosen sites likewise offer some of the best quality content for you to stream online. We hope not, but in the case due to some reasons KissAnime shuts down again, you can still enjoy your favourite animes from any one of the listed KissAnime alternatives.

And finally, that’s a wrap!


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