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KissManga – Enter the Realm of the Digital World of Comics


Comics still rule our hearts and is popular among all in the digital era. Manga is one such name in the world of comics that has a long history. Manga represents Japanese comic books whose series are often converted into Japanese cartoons, or anime.

What is KissManga?

KissManga is a site that is purely dedicated to the Manga Readers. It is a gateway to heaven for the Manga lovers. The site has an overwhelmingly massive collection of over 1,00,000 manga comics. In other words, it is an ocean of content. The site has high-quality scans of famous and exclusive manga comics. And, most importantly, you can access all of them for free.

Is KissManga Blocked?

Since the site distributed copies of Mangas for free, it got itself into some serious trouble. Consequently, numerous ISP’s in different countries blocked the site. And because of this, the site is no longer available to the public.

Top KissManga Alternatives

Reading Manga is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get some good dose of entertainment. Even though there are a lot of anime streaming sites like KissManga, that offer a huge selection of Manga comics, however, not all of them are trustworthy and reliable. Some are slow and contains spams with a lot of ads popping up that takes away the entertainment factor. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best alternatives for KissManga which is dependable and offers you quality content.

Let’s dive in!

1. MangaDex 

MangaDex KissManga Alternative

MangaDex is a neat, simple, and candid website. It offers you a selection of rich anime content. The user-friendly interface is decent yet responsive. Most importantly the site has an enormous archive of animes which is like heaven to any anime lover. Moreover, you can access it for free. Isn’t that great? We know. Hence the recommendation.

2. Read Manga Today

Read Manga Today Kissmanga alternative

Read Manga Today lets you read any manga comic and also watch anime online for free. In addition, the site has a moderately neat and organized interface that provides an exceptional reading and streaming experience. It also has a vast selection of high-quality content. Most importantly, the best of all is, you don’t need to sign up or subscribe to access the site. What more do we need?

3. Manga Park


The name of the site speaks for itself! The site is the park of Manga lovers filled with Manga comics. Moreover, the site has a  modern user interface, unlike other sites. This makes navigation easy. You can search for your favourite Manga without any hassle. We highly recommend you try this site and experience next-level enjoyment.

4. Manga Reader.net 

MangaReader Kissmanga

Manga Reader.net has a wide variety to browse and choose from. You can read your favourite manga comic and watch anime online. Just like other, the site also has a clean and well-organized interface that gives the users a pleasant experience. Moreover, the site also has a colossal library that can be explored for free. Yes, you heard it right! No need to sign up or get any subscription.

5. MangaFox


MangaFox to replace MangaStream

MangaFox has gained immense popularity. This is because the site updates manga almost immediately on the very day of its release. Moreover, the site also has a very user-friendly interface with good features. For instance, it has an adaptive zoom for better reading clarity and experience. Furthermore, an app for the site is also available. However, the app is not available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

How to Access KissManga?

If you are unable to access the KissManga site, that could because your ISP has probably blocked the site already. But we have a solution to it. You can still access the site using a VPN. A Virtual Private network guards your identity while you browse the web. It acts as a trickster that can show you in some other part of the world. Moreover, a VPN strengthens the layer of protection and secures your incoming and outgoing data.  Therefore, the use of a VPN to access KissManga or any other similar sites is always advised.


It is always good to find so many trustworthy sites to explore your favourite manga comics and stream anime online. However, always be sure to turn all safety checks on before you dive in. We suggest you to not access any site without the use of a VPN. To conclude, in this article, we have published a list of KissManga alternatives that you can use in case you are unable to get access to the site or you can simply explore all of them and chose from the best.

And, that’s a wrap!


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