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MamaHD – 5 Best Alternatives


What is MamaHD?

MamaHD is particularly known for feeding the craving of die-hard football fans for years. The site is certainly a common name amongst sports fanatics across the earth. The free sports streaming site flaunts a comprehensive selection of sports activities and events that includes football, basketball, NHL, NFL, tennis, boxing, and UFC. Apart from streaming your favorite sports, you can also chat with millions of sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Think sport, think MamaHD!

Why is MamaHD so Popular?

MamaHD is extremely popular with North American sports along with the European League games. As a result, the majority of its visitors are from the USA and UK. The site drives traffic of over 5 million visitants every month. These statistics suggest what the site offers to its users and what to expect from MamaHD. The list of games the site streams includes rugby, horse racing, gymnastics, college basketball, The English Premier League, and much more for free. Moreover, during downtime, the site provides up to 15 broadcast links for smooth streaming of live events.

Best Alternatives to MamaHD

Because of the downtime of MamaHD and the nature of the site, it is always wise to keep a list of alternatives handy as a backup. Moreover, you can always explore more. After all, nothing is enough for sports lovers. Therefore, we have compiled a list of alternatives to MamaHD for all the sports fanatics out there.

Let’s roll!

1. WatchESPN

WatchESPN Free Sports Streaming Sites

This is the most excellent site for free HD sports streams. The site lets you stream live events and games along with the highlights. Moreover, the site has a majestic variety of games to pick from. Furthermore, you can stream up to 4 sports events simultaneously. The site majorly has European League sports and North American sports.

2. VipBox

VipBox Free Sports Streaming Sites

This is another fabulous sports streaming site that is available for free. The site has a very stylish and appealing layout with multi-lingual supports that make it a highly attractive streaming site for sports. The site offers a broad spectrum of league games such as Football, NCAAB, Formula 1, etc. Hence, the recommendation.

3. BatmanStream

BatmanStream is Top Best Alternative Websites to MamaHD.

This is another great site that lets users watch games and sports for free. The best part about the is user account creation is not needed. The site gives a link to the live feed streaming that makes the site an easily accessible one. Furthermore, the site offers some popular games streams like UEFA, NFL, NBA, and so on.

4. Stream2watch

Stream2watch is Top Best Alternative Websites to MamaHD.

Streaming live soccer matches is still a fantasy to many. But this is the site that turns your dreams into a majestic reality. Stream2watch primarily concentrates on streaming live football and soccer matches. However, it also offers various other games such as rugby and basketball. The site has a simple interface. All you need to do is simply search for the game or event and it will be live-streamed without any lag.

5. Myp2p

Myp2p Free Sports Streaming Sites

The site has transformed into one of the most popular and most-streamed platforms that can be accessed for free. It offers almost all sports disciplines that include cricket, ice-hockey, football and other different categories. Even the champions league games are streamed here. Moreover, the site gets auto-updated every 5 minutes to display the latest games that are streaming live. So, you don’t need to refresh the site over and over again. It also comes with a well-detailed and simple user interface that adds to its popularity.

How to Access MamaHD safely?

You can access MamaHD or any similar site with the help of a VPN that allows one to send and receive data through the internet maintaining utmost secrecy and confidentiality of the data because of the encryption of the VPN. You can also browse in total anonymity as a VPN hides your location and identity as well. Hence, the use of a VPN is always recommended to access any site.


To conclude, this article is itself a fantasy come true for every sports lover as it covers a list of options that can be explored either as an alternative to MamaHD or to find out your next favorite streaming site. Every site listed above is the best among the best. However, always be sure to use a VPN while accessing any site. And the, you are a free bird.

Happy Streaming all!


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