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MangaFox – Top 10 Alternatives


Manga series is amongst the preeminent comics across the globe. Starting from Japan, manga comics became celebrated all over the globe for their different unique characters, illustration, and style. It also includes all genres like drama, romance, adult, sci-fi, action, and others. You can discover many manga comics on the web however most of them are present in the Japanese language. So, all you need to do is choose some sites like MangaFox where you can effortlessly access the translated version of your favorite manga comics. For your comfort, we have also listed out the top alternatives to MangaFox to read your favorite manga comics with peace.

Aside from manga comics, there is another extremely popular thing in Japan called anime. Usually, these two things are linked to each other. If you too have some preferred anime series, then you certainly can’t forget their awesome background music or songs. Here we will provide you with some anime MP3 download sites helping you to download them for your offline playing.

1. MangaFreak

As a MangaFox alternative, of course this website is also a leading platform to read manga comics.

As a MangaFox alternative, of course, this website is also the best platform to read manga comics. This website also provides the user with a short description of the manga along with this, it keeps you updated about the status of your reading. You can search for your finished and ongoing manga comics from the library. On this website, you can search all the famous manga series like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and Boruto. MangaFreak involves manga comics of all sorts of genres, such as thriller, comedy, drama, romance, comic, and others.

2. Kissmanga

Kissmanga with more than 100,000 manga series, is a free online comic website, making it the biggest directory of them. You can view the manga with great graphics and all the genres are updated on a daily basis. You will also get the latest chapter’s information and the manga list. You can share your preferred comics with your contacts and manage them too. It allows the user to modify the viewer’s reading direction from right to left or left to right. You will get different segments to search and get the ranking list of manga comics. You can also send your queries or send your feedback to Kissmanga.

3. ComiXology

ComiXology is a free cloud-based digital comics website.

ComiXology is a free cloud-based digital comics website. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and the web. You can explore, read and buy comics online using this website. You can also customize your search choices on the basis of the genre you prefer. For quick access, you can download the mobile application. It is an excellent platform for comic lovers. You can read all your favorite manga comics in English on this website, irrespective of the device you are using. It is taken as one of the best websites like MangaFox owing to all its features.

4. Manga Rock

Manga Rock is a unique mobile application that is compatible with Android smartphones. It has its individual huge library from where it collects all its content from more than 20 resources. It enables readers to read in 8 different languages of more than 20k manga titles It contains all the titles which are not found in the general means of the manga. You can even read the manga offline by downloading it anywhere and at any time. Besides, you can also explore comics as per the authors, genre, and characters. You can search for the latest manga using its Latest Updates tab.

5. Manga Panda

When you search for Manga Panda, you will enter a huge library of thousands of manga comics translated in English.

When you explore Manga Panda, you will access a huge library of thousands of manga comics interpreted in English. You can obtain this alternative to MangaFox by using your tablet, smartphone, or PC. You can get all kinds of comics of various genres like action, mystery, romance, adventure, thriller, and many others. All of the content accessible on this website is free and you can also read the original comics instead of the translated ones. However, this website is not entirely hassle-free. You may encounter ads and link pop-ups that will disturb you while you are reaching Manga Panda.

6. Mangareader

Mangareader is another foremost website for viewing manga comics online. It does not ask for logging in or signing in to reach its content, which means you don’t have to get yourself registered to this website. It has an automatic interface with all the mangas classified under some types. You can choose any of the mangas as per your preference by using the shortcut tabs. For the matter of reading, it has an enormous array of mangas with all sorts of genres. The website’s library also gets updated regularly with the newest manga comics to make the website full of fresh content, thus devising a fun reading for users.

7. Viz Media

Viz Media is a free application for manga comic reading with in-app purchases.

Viz Media is a free mobile application for manga comic versions with in-app purchases. It is free for iOS and Android devices but for the PC version, you may need to purchase the subscription plan to read mangas. Not just manga, but it also has an enormous library of Japanese anime and stories. You can explore the whole world of manga and anime in a single app. Asides, you can also explore your preferred manga using its title as the keyword. You will get all these mangas and animes interpreted in English. For manga series as well as anime lovers, it is considered the best library app and e-reader. For anime lovers, we have specifically arranged for you amazing cartoon streaming sites to view anime and cartoons.

8. MangaZone

In order to fulfill all the demands of manga lovers, we have developed this application. All the mangas with more than 15,000 titles are available in the English language on this app. Its interface is simple to use quite but at times you may find it quite buggy. There is also a community section for all the manga lovers to interact and share their preferred mangas and opinions on the latest chapters. This MangaFox alternative is a unique free app that includes pop-ups and ads. If you are a steady reader, this app will perfectly be a good company to you for reading manga comics with constant updates.

9. Read Comic Online

Read Comic Online has a huge catalog of comics, which enables the user to read any comic online for free.

Read Comic Online has a large inventory of comics, which permits the user to read all comics online for free. You can also read DC comics, Marvel comics, and other popular comics from this website. All the comics are arranged and sub-classified under different genres, which is helpful for the reader to get any comics smoothly. It totally brings the reader to a fictional world.

10. View Comics

View Comics offers a free website for browsing comics online. Like Read Comic Online, it is also the center of all kinds of comics. You can browse all your preferred manga comics and other comics on this particular website without any annoyance. It has an excellent interface that permits the reader to find the ongoing chapter and bookmarked pages of one comic. It has all the trending and classic comics classified under various genres. However, you may encounter some ads while browsing but since all its content is accessible for free so it is a fabulous website to visit.


Here you have viewed those 10 best options to MangaFox in 2019. Furthermore, you have also learned about the characteristics and specialties of every manga reading website and application. You can browse manga comics from other websites as well so that you can share with us some platforms we haven’t listed out. You will search for a new world of manga comics by using the above-mentioned websites. So, all the websites and apps posted in this article are reliable and useful. If you have any queries, please mention them in our comment section below.


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