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Best NYAA Alternatives

In a torrenting environment of densely stocked helter-skelter, Nyaa emerged as a niche site for anime content. Beginning of this year, Nyaa enthusiasts were in shock when this popular anime site returned with an unruly error message. While some thought it was a temporary error message, others thought the site had gone forever.

What is NYAA?

It was later found out that Nyaa lost some of its major domains and was facing some kind of an issue. The fall of NYAA came as a wave of shock to all the hentai and anime lovers all across the globe. After a tough fight that lasted for 7 years against the Japanese copyright trolls, the legendary site finally shut down on May 1, 2017. Meanwhile, we found that the search for the site alternatives had spiked distinctly. Hence, to ease out, in this article, we are about to unveil the best NYAA alternatives that will serve you quality anime shows.best-NYAA-alternatives

When Be Will NYAA Back?

NYAA was a major BitTorrent center for SouthEast Asian entertainment. Numerous site users were targeted for copyright infringement in 2011. In Sept. 2014, the site became a victim of a notable DDoS attack. NYAA was taken down without any formal statement to which the site’s mediators later confirmed, through IRC, that the site was taken down voluntarily.

So if you try to access the site now, the following message will be displayed;


Best NYAA Alternatives

We have compiled the best alternatives to NYAA that will offer you high-quality anime streaming. The listed sites will determine that you get quality entertainment.

Let’s jump in!

1. AniRenabest-NYAA-alternatives

AniRena is a site that is host to Asian and Japanese content. It is renowned as a replica of the famous NYAA torrent. The site allows users to navigate the site easily by aligning media tabs horizontally on the home page. AniRena is the host to 14, 360 torrents and 6,354 uploaders that add to its growth. The users are informed of the current status through the site regarding the data transferred to them. The site believes in clarity as well as staying true to its users.

2. AniSearch.Ru


This popular site offers unlimited anime torrents that include Youjo Senki – Saga of Tanya the Evil, Naruto, Yuujinchou Roku, Natsume, and much more. These torrents can be accessed, via single-touch. The site has been running since 2012 and it is considered safe and in-demand amongst hentai and anime lovers. All the popular anime videos are also available on the site and can be streamed in HD quality.

3. Horrible Subsbest-NYAA-alternatives

As soon as NYAA discontinued, Horrible Subs is one of the first few sites to scale prominently. Since the site is developed encompassing high-speed magnet links, it is recognized as the topmost alternative for NYAA. The site is the most loved site that has a reader base of about 1 million a day and a 2,797 Alexa rank. It extends a categorized library of alike media as NYAA. Moreover, the site also has an appealing and engaging interface. Being a user-friendly site, it allows users to download the newest anime content without any hassles.

4. Anime Toshobest-NYAA-alternatives

Anime Tosho can be regarded as an exact copy of NYAA anime torrent. It mimics an indistinguishable design and navigation, including the media content. The site can be accessed for free. It gives an automated service where it hosts DDL services and Usenet.

Uploading any media content on the site usually takes a few minutes. This site claims that the minutes are utilized by around 300MB files to get copied to at least one host. It stands amongst the toughest competitors in the anime torrent site list.

5. Pirate Baybest-NYAA-alternatives

The immediate site that pops in your mind for the most comprehensive torrent hubs is none other than The Pirate Bay. This site has been continually shining as the most popular one among anime and torrent lovers for years. It is counted among the best alternatives for any streaming site as it is a host of a comprehensive assortment of torrents for games and popular series. Despite suffering various shutdowns in the past, the site regained its existence due to its substantial footholds in the torrent industry.

6. Anime Sharingbest-NYAA-alternatives

Anime Sharing is regarded to be the most popular streaming site amongst anime and hentai lovers. The user interface of the site is similar to ExtraTorrent. The site also has a great search engine that can provide the best hentai and anime torrent download results. With an Alexa rank of 3,445, the site welcomes millions of visitors daily. Furthermore, the site also has a committed forum for anime and hentai lovers to discuss their views and feedback. Moreover, the site also has a calendar, a vast community, a FAQ segment, and the quick links section as well. Hence, the recommendation.


The popular anime torrent site NYAA was named after cat’s meow in the Japanese language. This, however, may be known to a few anime and hentai enthusiasts worldwide. The site welcomed millions of users every day and was proclaimed as one of the most prominent reservoirs for anime content.

Therefore, to reduce the pain of NYAA users, we have listed the best NYAA alternatives. These will offer you the latest anime content and a great streaming experience. Thus, you won’t get an opportunity to miss NYAA. However, if you are worried about your security and privacy, then we recommend you use a VPN which will ensure your safety.

Have safe streaming all.


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