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Putlocker – Watch movies and tv series free online


Putlocker is one of the most visited movie streaming website in the world. In fact, at one point, it was the biggest free streaming website in the world. After gaining so much attention and traction from fans. It grew to almost over 100 million-plus visitors per month. Due to this great success in such a short amount of time. It started having a detrimental impact on official license holders for movies.

Why is Putlocker so popular?

Putlockers is massively popular among movie fans because of the diversity and the number of movies it withstands in its database. Almost every single movie and tv series in the world exists on the website. Making it an absolute essential website to visit for any movie and tv shows fans. On top of offering so much choice and options for fans. It also provides unprecedented and unmatched consistency in terms of the quality of its services. Almost every movie and tv series have got the option to stream in stunning 1080p high definition.


Many loyalists to this website get confused in regards to its name. People wonder if It is called Putlocker or Putlockers. Well, the right way to say the website name is without the “s” at the end. However, it is easy to get confused by putlockers. There are many duplicate websites that claim to be the official putlocker.


Now, this is another website that claims to be the official putlocker. With Putlocker9 it’s very easy to get fooled as the websites will try and imitate the original site. Another one that springs to mind is putlocker123. Both these sites are trying to emulate the official platform to lure users into optimising their ads.

Best putlocker alternatives

Here are some Putlocker websites that are still online. We again want to empathise the importance of taking the precautions yourself before accessing these websites.

URL Status Speed SSl
https://putlocker.fit/ Online Very Fast On
https://putlockers.bar/ Online Very Fast On
https://putlocker9.as/ Online Very Fast On
https://putlockers.bz/ Online Very Fast On
https://www9.putlocker.vip/ Online Very Fast On
https://www.putlockers.cr/ Online Very Fast On
http://putlocker123.me/ Online Very Fast On

Its time we take a look at some of the alternatives for Putlocker.


Putlocker alternatives


Fmovies is like the sister of putlocker. Possessing everything that putlocker.to covers and provides the same content with a slightly different user interface I



123movies also is known as putlockers. Similarly, very popular among fans and boasts a massive userbase. Again speaking volumes about its credibility and rank as a top movie streaming platform.


You simply cannot go wrong with gomovies. Includes everything and always goes the extra yard by showcasing reliability and durability. Very reliable source to access movies and tv shows. Needless to say, its user interface is among the most intuitive.


Simple yet straight to the point. This is very easy to access and a real pleaser. Widely popular for its reliability along with its ease of use.


Cmovies has evidently established itself among the biggies. Cmovies has experienced exponential growth by giving users access to thousands of movies.

is Putlocker down?

Putlocker is popular for having lots of downtimes. It almost daily faces attacks in its servers. Understandably considering the nature of content that is hosted in its servers. Therefore, in terms of reliability, it will not be as high as its other rivals. This can be said without much of an argument. Besides being unreliable with its uptime, it also is very busy in terms of constant domain name changes. initially, it started as putlocker.to, then moved to putlocker.sc and the list is too long for people to keep count. Due to this uncertainty, people have had a tough time keeping track of their new destination.

A website of putlockers calibre is generally expected to switching domains on a regular basis. Therefore, if you want to watch constantly on that website. Make sure you are mentally prepared to keep switching and be busy with its new migrations.

Is Putlocker blocked?

Yes, in many countries putlockers is blocked. Needless to mention the reason, with sites of this type. It is only a matter of time before it gets blocked. Surprisingly, it lasted longer than people expected but it has been officially banned in the United Kingdom. Putlocker made a severe impact on the entertainment business resulting in the protection organisations to take a bold step to stem the flow.

 Reddit Putlocker

Putlocker is always a popular topic of discussion on its subreddits. Reddit possesses lots of users and interestingly a huge number of them are used to watching movies. Therefore, it has become a popular destination for people to exchange the new migration of official websites and provide links to movies. Reddit needs to implement stricter moderation to avoid the influx of this sort of content.

How to access putlocker safely?

Best way to watch movies online is by using a VPN. Now if you are unaware of how VPN works. We suggest you read more in regards to Virtual Private Network on our website. Long story short, it aids your online presence by making you anonymous. It provides you with unprecedented access to many websites that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible normally without VPN.

One of the most important things you must consider whilst visit movie site is the security of the website. For example, check if the website has SSL(Secure Socket Layer) installed or not. This generally ensures that anything you input within the website will go through a secure socket layer meaning it will be encrypted. But this doesn’t still mean you are bulletproof.

How to watch Putlocker on Firestick, Kodi and chromecast?

For this very reason, we always will encourage you to always and we want to repeat this with absolute gravity. Always use official sources to stream your favourite movies and tv series. Using services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. Yes, this will cost you some money monthly, but generally, their prices tend to around a couple of cups of coffees.


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