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Putlocker: You Can Download Free HD Movie

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is mainly a seamless portal for television, series, movies, songs, etc. for free. It is not mainly for any film or language, from Hollywood to Bollywood, one can have access to every possible movie. In fact, unlike other portals who operate completely illegally, Putlocker has an official site named Putlocker.com for which a broad base of people is mad.

For the official content recorded, over 1.6 million people worldwide made access to that portal on a per-day basis. Due to the piracy issues, it faced a report by the Motion Picture Association of America, which led to its shut down by the UK High Court Order. It was considered as one of the top 250 sites visited by people worldwide. Although, due to its massive fan base, Putlocker is still operated under different proxy websites

Why need of Putlocker?

In this article, we will talk about the most famous and accessed site, Putlocker which people use to download free HD movies on their phones or PC.

Many torrent sites like Ocean of MoviesHubflix, etc., allow people to access their portal and browse immense movie collections and download them. Still, the most famous and top site is Putlocker, which is the first site in the list of portals that allow access to free movies.

Hence, in this article, we will know further about Putlocker and what makes it soo unique and superior to other websites that provide free movies to download.


What are the other premium sites which can Replace Putlocker?

Every website has some of its specialties, and soo are the premium sites that charge money on a monthly or yearly basis. Hence, they provide every possible series and movie for people, and one can even download them easily. Some of the names have been given down on the list.


Netflix (1) is the most famous site among people and is excessively used by people worldwide. It has every possible famous movie and series which is loved immensely by people.

Amazon Prime

From the starting of Prime (2), it has been a competition to Netflix and also has some of the Series and movies which are not provided on Netflix. Since then, it always has been in Boom and is loved by people.


Hotstar (3) is mainly famous for its series and also is in collaboration with Disney+ and hence is used by people and children too.


Hulu (4) is mainly famous among people for its original content and series. But it also has many movies which are a favorite among people.

What are the current Putlocker proxy sites?

Putlocker has too much of a fan base and was a hit among people. If it would have been legal, then maybe portals like Netflix and Prime would not have stood in front of Putlocker. But due to its official site shutting off, Putlocker has been providing its content through various proxies and mirror sites. Although most of them do not work if you are lucky enough, you may end up finding the one who is working and have access to its features. Hence, to try out below are the sites that may turn out to work.

  • net
  • is
  • fm
  • io
  • net
  • as
  • am
  • com
  • com

How about the top features & categories in Putlocker?

There are several features in Putlockers, one can choose any genre, language, or even the size of the file to download. Putlocker is user-friendly and hence is soo much popular. Different categories like Hollywood movies, TV shows, Web Series, Drama/Action movies, Horror, or even comedy movies are also present to be downloaded.

What are the other alternatives to Putlocker?

Putlocker is a fantastic site with a considerable following, but it faces issues now and then due to piracy, which is against the law. Hence, to never stop your entertainment, you can use up the alternatives to Putlocker to download movies and never put a stop to binge-watching.

  • 123Movies
  • Hubflix
  • Afdah
  • YesMovies
  • Ocean of Movies
  • LOS Movies
  • WatchTVSeries

The sites mentioned above are the free alternatives to Putlocker, but if one wants not to be a part of this illegal process, they can watch moves and TV Series from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, or Hulu.

Can I get an estimated worth of Putlockers?

Putlocker has an estimated worth of $1,000,800 and generates revenue through advertising through public traffic and ranking data. It also makes millions of income with over twenty million people visiting per year.

Some FAQ’s related to Putlockers

Q1. Is Putlocker a Legal Website?

Putlocker is an illegal torrent site. It was put to a ban by the UK High Court, and since then, it has been working through proxy sites.

Q2. Is Putlocker is Safe Website?

Although its initial website was utterly safe now, as it has some proxy sites, one cannot claim that it’s safe or not. But as it’s the primary source of generating revenue is through advertising, some of the proxy sites can pose a threat of malware and viruses. Hence, it is advised to go for an authentic option, rest of the call is yours!

Q3. What Precautions should be taken while Using sites like Putlocker?

Using a VPN is the key for these sites; VPN saves, encrypt, and hides your IP address. Thus the data will remain encrypted in sending and receiving information through your device to that site. This can also act as a protection against malware and keep your device safe.

Putlocker is a fantastic site with immense options for people. The only drawback that it imposes is that it functions partially illegally. Hence, instead of being a part of this process, one can use a more authentic site. Although, Putlocker has always been the favorite of people and is a very user-friendly site.


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