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RARBG – Your favourite Torrent Downloading Site


What is RARBG?

RARBG is a torrent website and index service that launched in 2008. The site is believed to be one of the best sites to download torrents, games, music, and most importantly for downloading movies for free. Moreover, this platform is also popular and well-known for its huge collection of torrent files and magnet links. Furthermore, the site has a simple and attractive user interface. Hence, the popularity.
Is RARBG Down?

Even though RARBG was praised by everyone, it seems like it was not loved by the authorities. Since they targeted the site for the reason that it was sharing copyrighted content. In other words, the website never owned the content they shared, and hence, the internet service providers (ISPs) started blocking customers to use the site.

Therefore, as a result, RARBG is now officially down. While there are some regions around the world where the site can be accessed, but most probably, it may go down as well.  However, for most of the countries, RARBG cannot be accessed.

BEST Proxies for RARBG

Since ISP’s constantly try to block RARBG. The site, as a result, is often unavailable. Therefore, we have prepared a list of working proxy sites for RARBG. Make sure to ensure your safety first before you access the sites.

RARBG Proxy/Mirror Status Speed
Link1 available Very fast
Link2 available Very fast
Link 3 available Very fast
https://rbg.unblocked.lol/ available Very fast
http://rarbgs.com available Very fast
http://rarbgproxy.org available Very fast
http://rarbgmirror.org available Fast
http://rarbgaccess.org/ available Fast
http://rarbgmirror.xyz available Fast

The proxy sites mentioned above will give you the same content that the original site provides. However, if you still find it difficult to access the RARBG site, we also have compiled a list of alternatives that will certainly be of great help for movies and other content.

Best Alternatives to RARBG

Finally, here is the compiled list of probably the most chosen alternatives for you that is as good as RARBG. Some torrents may also be even better. Check the list below.

Let’s get cracking!



This site is arguably one of the most developed torrent sites. Firstly, the video quality offered on the site is probably the best that includes 720p, 1080p, and 3D.  Secondly, the site also has a catchy and user-friendly interface. Hence, it becomes a lot easier to find the torrents available on the platform which is classified into distinct categories. And finally, if you are searching for the latest releases of movies and TV show torrents, YTS is where you should be.



This is also another good torrent platform to download your favorites. In addition to its huge library of the latest contents., the site also has a large and active community of developers.  Moreover, the site has a simple user interface and also has contents arranged neatly into distinct categories. So, if you are looking for quality torrent files and magnet links, this certainly is your go-to site.

The pirate bay

The Pirate Bay

This site is undoubtedly the best RARBG alternative.  This is because the site is home to the best quality torrents. The site also has a very simple yet attractive user interface. Moreover, It is also noteworthy that probably all the torrents on this platform are legit and verified. Hence, the recommendation.



This site was certainly the undisputed king of reliable and quality torrent downloads. It has some of the best torrent files and magnet links. The site comes with a safe and secure database. Moreover, it also has an attractive layout and neatly arranged categories. The list includes movies, music, tv shows among other torrent files. Overall, Katcr.co is a good alternative to RARBG.



Zooqle is the hub of the best movie and TV show torrents. It has a simple, attractive and very navigable user-interface. Hence, navigating and accessing content becomes easy. Moreover, the site has a vast list of exclusive movies, videos and TV shows. Furthermore, Zooqle has an active community of users and developers. Most importantly, Zooqle supports different video qualities that include 3D, Ultra, 720p, and 1080p and many more.

Is RARBG Safe?

Well, one could say the site is playing safe, however, it cannot be guaranteed. RARBG offers torrents that may provide copyrighted material and downloading it would be considered a crime in most of the jurisdiction. In addition, there is always a possibility of running into malicious content whenever and wherever there are torrents involved. Hence, the site is not a safe one to access.

How can I access RARBG?

You can access RARBG with a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. They protect your online traffic by shielding it, encrypting it with security protocols. So, it becomes unreadable for anyone to track your activity. Moreover, VPN also helps you to hide your location and identity and keeps your data safe and secure. Therefore, before accessing any sites like RARBG, make sure to use VPN.


To conclude, torrent downloading has probably been the most favorite way to share files and get content for many. And RARBG is one such site that is soaring in popularity in the world of torrents. Even though it is always in the limelight of the authorities, you can still access it using a VPN.

Moreover, you can also consider trying the RARBG alternatives listed above. However, we always recommend you to use a VPN to be on the safer side of enjoyment.

And, that’s a wrap!


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