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Reddit NBA Streams – Top Alternatives

NBA Streams

If you are an avid NBA follower, then the news of the shutdown of your popular NBA Streams subreddit on 17th June 2019 due to copyright issues is not new. This is unfortunate for people who admire this sports site which was a very famous one with more than 400k followers.

The list of some other popular subreddits that are no longer available includes r/soccerstreams, r/mmastreams, r/cricketstreams, etc.

What is r/NBAstreams?

The subreddit r/NBAstreams was home to over 400,000 followers who loved basketball, especially the NBA league. The ban of subreddit was because the users shared live links to stream NBA matches for free.

It is also proclaimed that Reddit NBA Streams generates hundreds of millions of visits to live streaming platforms every season. In popularity, it was similar to the long-gone subreddit SoccerStreams.


Why was Reddit NBA Stream Popular?

First of all the NBA fans, watching all the matches live and legally is a costly deal. Even if you get the league pass you won’t be able to witness the complete matches without any blackout which makes it difficult for fans to follow the sport legally.

We don’t support the streaming of copyrighted content without the permission of its owners but had NBA broadcasters offered the matches at a fair price without any blackouts the number of users visiting the NBA Stream subreddit would have been way too less.

And, for NBA aficionados out there the subreddit NBAstreams was the most desirable platform to find live streaming links of NBA matches. r/NBAstream had over 400,000 subscribers.

Top Reddit NBA Streams Alternatives

It’s highly unlikely that the subreddit will ever live again However, we have listed a few alternatives you can visit as a substitute to the former subreddit.

Let’s get started…

1. LiveTV.sx


LiveTv.sx is a free online streaming site that offers all kinds of sports including basketball, tennis, football, hockey, cricket, etc. Moreover, the site also incorporates all major NBA tournaments. The site provides a high-quality streaming experience. The site also allows users to share their feedback on the comment box.

On this site, you can watch highlights of previous matches, view live scores, and get all the latest updates. It is a fabulous Reddit NBA streams replacement post its shut down. The site is only available on the web and has no apps.

2. Reddit NBAStreams Discord Channel

Another alternative to watch NBA online is via the Reddit NbaStreams Discord channel. It is a superhighway chat app that is accessible on PCs and smartphones. This platform is great to share images, videos, text, and links. The moderators and admins of the r/nbastreams were prepared for the shutdown hence they had already set up the Discord channel before the worst was about to take place. (The shutdown)

On the discord channel, you’ll not get any direct link, as it violates the rules. You’ll get Reddit NBA streaming links from relevant subreddits.

3. NBAStream.TV


NBAStream.tv is the best option to watch NBA live streams and is a great substitute to NBA live stream Reddit. You can get access to all the daily schedules of all NBA matches, news updates, info about several NBA teams such as Raptors, Rockets, GSW, OKC, Cavs, and the Heats.

All streams are not hosted by the NBA stream.tv directly. All videos and live streams are hosted on outside hosting servers such as Reddit NBA stream or buffstreams.

4. Nbastream.net


NBAStreams.net is yet another ideal site to watch the greatest NBA live streams for free. You may notice that the site redirects you to a different platform when you will click on the “watch live” icon. This is because NBAStreams.net does not entertain any live streams they accumulate all the external links that offer live streamings for free. You can watch live matches of your favorite event or team. You can also click on your desired team and you will be directed to their ongoing live match.

Why Reddit ban r/NBAStream?

As we suggested earlier that on r/nbastreams Reddit users can share the stream of all the matches for free. As a result, the NBA suffers a 19% loss of viewership. It also violates the privacy protocols of Reddit. Before the NBAstream prohibition, other streams like r/MmaStreams, r/Cricketstream, and r/SoccerStreams were also banned due to the privacy breach of Reddit.



NBA(National Basketball Association) is an extremely popular sport in the US. It has a very high fan base who admire watching every single exclusive game. And with live streams, they can watch and stream every game.

And that is why r/nbastreams has such an enormous follower count in such a short time. But the ban of the subreddit had a great hit on its users who are now exploring other ways to watch NBA games. Hence, we have compiled a list of a few alternatives to watch the NBA streams. However, we always recommend you use a VPN and avoid any trouble.

And finally! That’s a wrap.


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