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Sketch Software Review: Everything you need to know about the software!

Sketch Software

What is Sketch Software?

With the advancement in software, professionals have begun to prefer Sketch over other similar applications. The live comps option put forward by the platform is what attracts the users to preview their work. All the designers who have been using Photoshop until now would want a closer look at the advanced features, tools, and user-friendly platform. Here is an honest review about the same:

How to Get started with the Sketch platform?

You can download the application from the official website of Sketch; the platform offers you a 30-day trial without asking you to fill in your credit card details. To install and work with the Sketch platform you require MacOS 10.13.4. The platform is recommended if you are dealing with complex artboards, heavy files, and multiple pages. 

Once you download the software, you will be offered a beginner’s guide to understanding the tools and features in a better manner. The guide is an extensive document with tutorial clips, significant tips, social media links, communities of developers, chats, engaging blogs, and Dribble.  

What about the Software Interface of Sketch?

If you have a Mac device you will find the interface of the software very familiar. To the left-most corner of the screen, there is a Page List bombarded with an inventory with layers and artboard. You can explore the different tools and find which tool does what. The Toolbar has several tools to help you with your creativity. The center of the screen is your canvas board to create a magical piece of art. 

The page list helps you to organize and change the layers and ensures that your workflow is very efficient. With the intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can even create your customized library. There are time-saving templates, plugins, and UI kits so that you can work faster with the software.

What about the drawing and typesetting of Sketch Software?

Content on the blank canvas can be created, imported, and assembled simply by clicking the Insert menu. You will find a variety of shapes, tools, and drawing instruments to perfectly design your artwork. 

You can use the tools at your convenience for arranging and aligning your design. The vector tools on the platform allow editing and creating Bezier curves and shapes. 

Choose the best layout suited to your interest to give your design the best look. Sketch’s drawing tools are really simple to use and can be used by beginners too. 

How is the output?

Once your work is ready you can send it for team collaboration or even client feedback. You can upload your document with the help of Sketch Cloud and after uploading the same you can decide who gets to download, comment, or use it for their preferences. 

Once the link has been shared, he/she can have access to the same and they can preview your work in full resolution. Libraries help you connect to users all across the globe. You can even export your artboard as PDF, which can accept comments from Mac devices. The platform also supports graphics, PNG files, JPG files, SVG files, slices, and pages. 

Why should I use Sketch?

  • Intuitive interface
  • Fine Illustrator assets 
  • User-friendly platform
  • Interactive prototype
  • Easy resizing tools
  • You can create your own library
  • Amazing plugins
  • Allows designing complex applications
  • File size less, therefore, easier to share 
  • Advanced wireframing tools 

Why people don’t use Sketch Software?

  • Limited animation
  • Supports Mac only
  • One device with one license
  • Maintenance required for text styles
  • Crashes if the file size is large
  • Lack of collaboration
  • Technical glitches
  • A few sketch plugins are expired 

Final verdict

The full-fledged tools in the software take the designer’s experience to some other level to explore his/her level of creativity. The intuitive interface and user-friendly platform allow designers to use the best to create the best. Furthermore, the collaboration features allow working better with projects and you can even showcase your work to any individual sitting in any corner of the world. In today’s market, you can easily create your designs especially when such amazing software is at your rescue.


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