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SportLemon – Best 5 Alternatives


What is SportLemon?

This is one of the reputed sites in the world of streaming that offers you excitement and thrill of streaming live sports events from all over the globe with just a click of a button. The site allows you to browse trending live broadcasts of sports events. It also allows you to browse through plenty of sports genres like Hockey, Football, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, US Football, Moto and much more. The site has a clean and well-organized interface where you can get the index of all the ongoing live sports events along with the upcoming ones as well.

Why is SportLemon Popular?

SportLemon is one of the prominent sites that adds zing and spice to your online sports streaming. It has gained immense popularity for several reasons. Firstly, it is an excellent streaming platform for streaming live sports in HD and 3D effects along with the majestic visual functions. The best thing about this site is there is no need to download anti-malware, toolbars, surveys of any kind before streaming the site for live sports. Overall, the look of the site is quite simple and easy to explore. Moreover, you will also be provided with plenty of mirror links that lead you right to the live stream. Hence, the popularity.

Top 5 Alternatives to SportLemon

SportLemon is unquestionably an amazing site to stream sports. But this remarkable site comes with an obvious glitches due to the nature of the site. Just like other similar streaming sites, the server of this site may also be down at times. However, there is nothing to worry about. We have accumulated a list of similar sports streaming sites that is as good as SportLemon. Some may even prove to be better. Let’s discover the top 5 alternatives to SportsLemon.

1. Stopstreams


Stopstreams is a fantastic alternative to SportLemon. This site is admittedly great when it comes to viewing seamless online sports events. It broadcasts an assortment of sports from around the world. The site broadcasts numerous events and competition by utilizing all the third-party sites which suggest it has a high reach. Moreover, the site uses platforms like FromHot, VIPBox, Drakulastream, USA Destination, and much more. Some striking features of the site are that it features sports of all kinds and it shows diverse games and competition live. This site could become your favorites easily. All thanks to its astonishing choices and smooth functioning. This site ensures that you don’t miss any event due to any sort of glitches or server issues. You can blind bet on this site over other sports streaming sites.

2. VipBox Sports


VipBox Sports is a truly great alternative that has a multinational streaming site that is dedicated to offering its viewers exclusive and timely footage of any live event. The site observes several sports and related games and offers quality content. It is a great option for streaming sports. However, it is not free. But, the price is surely worth the entertainment and streaming experience. The site has amazing features that will attract its viewers. It has an enormous assortment to choose from with a neat and crisp layout. You can cruise through the site seamlessly and find anything you desire to stream with just a flick of your wrist.

VipBox Sports

3. LiveTV


LiveTV is a site that caters to a host of languages making it multilingual. As a result, you will always encounter heavy traffic on the site. The languages it offers are Spanish, Russian, Italian, and English of course. Just like the name hints, the site keeps its players updated with the newest and upcoming events. It is one of the simplest sites of all. The site also offers important data like the quality of the game, the language used by the commentator along the transfers per game.

4. WatchESPN


WatchESPN has garnered immense popularity that no introduction. It is a free streaming site created by the leading sports channel – ESPN. The site has all the qualities that other streaming sites have. However, the site is only limited to US viewers. Overall, it is a great site that keeps its viewers informed and updated along with other striking features. The list of events that it streams include American Football, Lacrosse Softball, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Wrestling, Sports Centre, and much more.

5. Laola1


Laola1.tv is a commendable site for sports lovers. The site offers to stream numerous sports like Ice Hockey, Table Tennis, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, etc. The site also has some great extra features like the display of the highlights of all the broadcasted sports events without watching the entire event. It also offers a display bar that showcases the number of sports events currently being streamed on the site. This is a free site and needs no subscription or membership. Most noteworthy, the site has a magnificent user interface and has a highly modern look which makes the site an attractive and easy-to-use one.

How to Access SportLemon Safely?

SportLemon and other similar sites can be accessed safely with a VPN or the Virtual Private Network. It encrypts and routes your traffic and replaces your current IP address with a separate IP address. A VPN gives you complete anonymity and protects your data.


To conclude, it is always great to explore more and more sports sites, especially with so many events and matches taking place now and then. Since the certainty of such sites is highly questionable. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best 5 alternative sites to SportLemon for you to enjoy. Make sure to access the sites using a VPN and ensure your safety.

Happy Streaming!


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