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Spotify- What You Didn’t Know About the App

What is Spotify?

From its launch in 2008, Spotify has become one of the prominent names in the world of music today. It is a well-renowned application that provides the biggest music streaming platform across the globe. Founded in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Daniel Ek (former CTO of StardOil) and Martin Lorentzon (co-founder of TradeDoubler), Spotify aimed to challenge the online music piracy. It is now available in about 79 markets globally and is compatible with a range of devices, from phones, tabs, and computers to cars and smartwatches. 

Spotify offers two ways of using the application: 

  1. A free subscription that includes average sound quality and ad-support, and 
  2. The premium subscription (paid subscription) that unblocks extra features without any ad interruption.  

Spotify User & Usage Statistics

  • 286 million monthly active users. (According to Spotify’s Q1 2020 report)
  • Out of 286, 130 million users are premium subscribers.
  • There are 35% of users in Europe, 26% in North America, 22% in Latin America, and 17% in the rest of the world. (Q4 2019)
  • There are 39% subscribers in Europe, 29% in North America, 21% in Latin America, and 11% in the rest of the world. (Q4 2019)
  • The average hours spent on Spotify per month is approximately 25 hours. 

What is the process of Signing Up?

To create your account you can either sign up with email or with Facebook. 

Sign Up with E-Mail

  • Enter and confirm your email address in the space provided.
  • Choose a suitable password for your Spotify account.
  • Enter additional details such as gender, date of birth, and your display name.
  • Verify that “I’m not a robot” and then proceed with the Sign Up button. 

Sign Up with Facebook

  • Select either sign up with Facebook or continue with Facebook (for Mobile).
  • Enter your mobile number or Facebook email address and password to complete the process.


Whether it’s a party or any specific occasion, you are always ready with your go-to tracks anytime. 

Spotify provides us with a plethora of features such as;

  • Music Discovery & Saving

Are you in need of new tunes? Spotify is the solution that provides plenty of tools to accomplish your need. It has AI-enabled technology recommends you to discover new songs and artists based on your listened songs in the past. 

  • Offline play

If you are a premium subscriber, you can download any song you want and listen to it offline. Go to the playlist or album you want to download and tap on the Download button on the top right corner. 

  • Recovery of Deleted Playlists

Spotify allows you to restore your deleted playlists. Go to Spotify’s website or app and log in to your profile page. Click on “Recover Playlists” on the left and then click “Restore” to get back all your deleted songs.


How is the design of the App?

While the application’s music content is outstanding, its design aims to deliver the sleek and hassle-free user experience.

  • The Home Screen

Spotify’s home screen displays popular and trending music, new releases, recommended songs and artists based on your previously played songs as well as on editor’s picks. Governed by AI called BART (Bandits for Recommendations as Treatment), Spotify’s home screen permits the users to customize the way they want. 

  • Dark UI

Spotify has opted for dark UI with activities popping out in lime green color, keeping in mind various usability perspectives while offering a hassle-free user experience.  

  • Discovery

Spotify discovery page emphasizes on quality user experience with the mesmerizing features such as “Discovery Weekly” and “Daily Mix”. 

  • Player

Spotify’s player provides more functions and accessibility such as skip, play, shuffle, and repeat. Moreover, it has not provided any volume controller because it knows that the users can adjust the volume by using the physical buttons. 

 Final Verdict

Spotify has tremendously changed the ways we listen to music. It will be not wrong to say that it is an innovative application which is the best choice for all the music lovers and for those who want to have an extensive collection of music. In a nutshell, Spotify emerges as a successful music streaming platform with millions of customers worldwide.  



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