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TamilRockers – Your Bollywood Streaming Destination


What is TamilRockers?

Tamilrockers is undisputedly the most popular website. This is because it lets you download movies for free. Moreover, you can also download music, TV shows, and videos. Furthermore, visitors can search copyrighted content on this site with the help of magnet links and torrent files.

Why is TamilRockers so Popular?

Tamilrockers has earned the reputation of one of the best streaming sites. There are plenty of reasons for the same. Firstly, the site has content that can be downloaded. Secondly, new movies are available as soon as they are released. Moreover, the site also is home to some of the most searched TV shows and movies.  In addition, the site has a large number of Indian content. Furthermore, the site has a simple and attractive interface. It has a sliding catalogue of movies and TV show. It displays shows that will be uploaded soon.  Hence, the popularity.

Is TamilRockers Blocked?

All ISP’s in India have blocked access to the site. The jurisdiction and companies providing copyright content had ordered the ISP’s to do so. The site has been blocked and taken down numerous times. So, in most of the places in India, the site cannot be accessed.  But, do not worry, TamilRockerz is not the only website that provides such a wide selection of content.

TamilRockers Alternatives

Today, there are many streaming sites available. They may either be safe or unsafe. We have compiled the best alternatives to TamilRockers to save you the hassle. The alternatives can be your backup in case if the site goes down again. And, you can simply explore them and decide which is best of all.

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Hold your thoughts. We know Netflix is not free. However, don’t forget about the site’s 30 days free trial period. Be it a single movie or binge-watching, or completing an entire season in a day, or simply for TV shows for a month, Netflix is the place to be. Moreover, the most appealing part of the site is the original series that streams online. And, to be honest, people don’t mind paying for it. Most importantly the site is ad-free with excellent loading time.

HiiDude MV

HiiDude MV
The site is best known for its rich palate of Asian content. It has one of the largest databases of Asian movies and TV shows. Moreover, the site can be accessed for free. You can also find Hollywood content apart from Asian content. The video quality of the content is HD. At time, you may encounter ads, but, they are not frequent. However, if you love Asian movies and TV shows, dive-in to this site for unlimited entertainment.

Bolly 2 Tolly

Bolly 2 Tolly

Bolly 2 Tolly is the name that speaks for itself. It is one of the major providers of Bollywood content. It offers both movies and TV shows. You can access and stream all the content for free.  The site has more than 100 Bollywood titles and other Asian productions. Moreover, the site is regularly updated with the latest contents. Even though you may encounter ads, but a click on the ‘’X” icon will stop the ad. Hence, you can enjoy Bollywood content without any interruption.

Online Movie Watch

Online Movie Watch

The site is well known for its dark-themed and straightforward interface. The site has a lot to offer when it comes to content. It has a collection of new releases. The site offers fresh content from the Hollywood and Bollywood arena. You can access all the content for free. There is no subscription or sign-up required. Most of the content of the site loads pretty fast. Hence, people love to be here to explore and stream their favorite movies.

Movie House

Movie House

Movie House is the home to popular movies and TV shows. It is also linked to many sites. The users, therefore, can stream movies and TV shows for free. The site also has a calendar for the users. It helps to check on the availability of a movie. They can also check the name of the website. To conclude, this site is the simplest solution to stream your favorite movie or TV show. And most importantly, you can access them for free. The site has a lot of positive reviews. In other words, people love to be here. Hence, the recommendation.

How to Access TamilRockers?

The ISP’s regulary block TamilRockers for obvious reasons. Therefore, we recommend you to use VPN to access such sites. VPN protects your privacy and hides your location. VPN helps you to stay safe from watchdogs. It also shields your identity. VPN is always the best option to safely access any site.


Everyone loves to watch Bollywood content. TamilRockers is undoubtedly a gem of best movie collections. But, the site can drown anytime, owing to the history of the site. So, if the site is inaccessible or unavailable for any reason, think of us. To clarify, simply refer to the list alternatives listed above and switch.  We recommend you to use a VPN connection to access the sites securely. Be safe and enjoy!

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