Most people like to think that all the best Android games and iOS games are, by definition, action-packed. They’re also often hard to master, as you have to control everything. And finding the best out of the humongous option of idle clicker games, then it is something tough.  Idle games go against that definition. By clicking on buttons, tapping on the screen, or just sitting there doing nothing, idle games can be equally as engaging. While initially easy to master, these games don’t get any harder when you get to their higher levels.

Top 10 Idle clicker Games for iOS and Android

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia

Top 10 Idle clicker Games for iOS and Android

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia is the best idle game you can play for free. Tap to earn money, get resources and unlock new classes and characters. Unlike other incremental games, this one has a storyline to guide your journey. You can also have fun with friends by doing Co-op missions and multiplayer battles. This is the best RPG idle game out there that I love playing!

AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is an idle clicker game in which you level up through the sixth dimension! Earn money, spend it on upgrades to make money even faster — and make your capitalist work for you! You can amass an intergalactic fortune with a careful strategy and some luck. In this game, you can take your revenue from $0 to $51 million in a matter of minutes.

Tap ‘n’ Build

Tap n’ Build is a building simulator game where you tap to gain resources, tap to build, and tap to upgrade. The graphics are a 2D approach, but the content is amazing with some different mechanics and challenges. You can mine gold and diamonds in the mines, craft items with resources, or get new technology. In addition, you have the ability to build multiple things at one time. If you like building games this is your next one!

It is one of the best played Idle clicker games you can ever have.

Egg, Inc.

Top 10 Idle clicker Games for iOS and Android

A lot of people have been playing Egg, Inc. — they can’t help themselves! Slick graphics and a cool soundtrack make the game interesting to play, but the fun gameplay is what really keeps players hooked. You start off as an egg farmer with your very own chicken coop — and it’s your job to maintain the quality of these eggs by hatching chickens and building different parts of the infrastructure.

Tap Titans 2

Top 10 Idle clicker Games for iOS and Android

If you’re looking for a new game to play, consider Tap Titans 2. Featuring an immersive storyline and challenging gameplay, here is a game that will not disappoint. Experience the unique combo system which rewards you for making your hero hit multiple times in a single attack. Each character can be leveled up and evolved, creating an experience that is fresh and exciting with each level up.

Cow Evolution

Top 10 Idle clicker Games for iOS and Android

Cow Evolution is a casual and idle game that’s unlike others. When you have two cows of the same size, you can combine them to create a new cow. When you have enough coins, you can use them to purchase better cows. Although the Fusion bar and coin collection part seem boring, Cow Evolution is very interesting and can’t bore people.

Tap Quest: GateKeeper

Top 10 Idle clicker Games for iOS and Android

Tap Quest: GateKeeper is a fun, addictive, and challenging game that easily earns the title of “Best Retro Arcade Game” in 2017. You’ll be hooked from the first play thanks to its unique gameplay and captivating storyline. Gameplay is simple enough for any age: just tap left or right to slay incoming aliens. However, strategy and an understanding of the monsters’ abilities are essential for victory!

Bit City

Top 10 Idle clicker Games for iOS and Android

Bit City is a unique city simulator game for mobile. The gameplay is simple and engaging: you have to build your own city and manage it, making sure that all of the citizens are happy. You can do this by constructing and upgrading different buildings. However, you also have to pay attention to the monthly budget and make sure that you stay within it.

Doomsday Clicker

Top 10 Idle clicker Games for iOS and Android

Doomsday Clicker is a free idle game where players create a doomsday in the earth and search for ways to conquer it, all while earning cash that can be spent on upgrades. Players can join the Doomsday Army, progress from Drill Sergeant to General, and earn special offers, deals, and other surprises as they conquer their way through the ranks. If you’re looking for an idle game with strategy, action, and adventure, take a look at Doomsday Clicker!

Tap Tycoon

Top 10 Idle clicker Games for iOS and AndroidTap Tycoon is a game that lets you create and manage your own business empire. Choose from a variety of businesses to invest in — whether it’s manufacturing, real estate, the stock market, or the entertainment industry — and start building your empire. Add buildings to your created city, hire delivery people to help you make money, buy vehicles for travel, and upgrade your businesses for maximum profit. Create the city you always wanted with this unique idle clicker game!


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