Are Bugs affecting your productivity? We have come up with some best project optimizing tools for you.

Bugs and errors are inevitable, especially in the world of software development. It’s common to find that many users report issues related to the product or service.

One thing is certain in the business sector: there will always be users who find errors or bugs in software difficult to troubleshoot. From here, it’s important to know how to prioritize bug fixes.


Top 8 Free Bug Tracking Software for Your Business

Asana is a project management platform that many businesses, including Hubstaff, use to help streamline and organize their work processes.

It has a built-in bug-tracking template that manages bugs and tracks projects. It helps in reporting, tracking, and prioritizing bugs in projects. This template makes it easier for the user to manage and analyze project performance and track issues on a single platform.

Its bug tracking system excels at helping developers and users work together. It is a project template designed specifically for IT teams. It gives software engineers the ability to enter incoming bugs and then delegate them out to different team members. Each project also comes with its comment stream, making it easy to gauge the pulse of each issue as it comes in.

Bird Eats Bug

Top 8 Free Bug Tracking Software for Your Business

Bird Eats a Bug is a tool that lets you create technical bug reports right from your desktop or tablet. By automatically recording your screen and including technical data, you can streamline the bug-fixing process; letting customers instantly view everything they need to know to fix bugs. Bird Eats Bug offers a quick, convenient way to record and send your bug reports — all while including the necessary technical data.

Top 8 Free Bug Tracking Software for Your Business

When it comes to error reporting, you know that you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best. With Bird Eats Bug’s issue tracking software, you get a solution that provides step-by-step guides to help you reproduce errors and gives you access to technical logs for better problem-solving.


Top 8 Free Bug Tracking Software for Your Business

Software developers can improve the performance of their mobile apps by using Bugfender a service that lets them know about bugs and crashes before their customers see them. The tool takes advantage of a powerful log viewer that lets developers filter out the bugs they’re looking for and then dive into their root causes with ease. With this data at their disposal, developers can find bugs faster, reproduce errors accurately, and resolve them faster.


GoodDay is a cloud-based work management tool that lets you organize projects and tasks. It coordinates with your team and tracks your results. It offers two different types of tracker templates. One for tracking bugs on your website or app, and the other, for managing customer issues. With this tool, you can organize tasks, assign them to team members, log bugs and prioritize pending ones.

Top 8 Free Bug Tracking Software for Your Business

GoodDay enables you to use a Kanban board for bug reporting so that you can visualize the bugs and track their statuses by dragging and dropping elements into different columns.

This improves transparency in the workflow, making it easy for managers to track the progress of their teams. GoodDay also offers web-based request forms that can help anyone in your team report bugs while maintaining full confidentiality. It lets you assign due dates and priorities to manage these issues effectively.


Top 8 Free Bug Tracking Software for Your Business

Jira is a project management tool that lets you monitor and report on the progress of your product development. You can even fix bugs as they come up. Jira has a built-in automation system that auto-notifies you when bugs are reported and keeps track of them throughout the software development cycle, preventing buggy software from releasing to market and eliminating repetitive manual tasks.

Bugs are inevitable when developing software, and Jira is a bug tracking software designed for project managers to prioritize and manage them. The app offers a drag-and-drop feature that lets users add new bugs to their team’s task list and then informs them of updates as they happen. Using Jira, your team can integrate with other software such as Bitbucket, Jenkins, and Github so that your workflow runs smoothly.

Top 8 Free Bug Tracking Software for Your Business is a cloud-based project management tool that helps you track and report on everything related to your projects — from bugs to tasks. It also helps in growing teams to client schedules. It works just like your other project management software so you’ll find it easy to use. But with features designed with teams in mind.

It offers flexible workflows for different project types and is powered by a visual issue tracker that shows your team the full picture at a glance.


Wrike enables you to manage your project with the custom bug reporting feature. This feature allows you to assign bugs from multiple team members and track any updates on them. You can also comment on the bug report, add task requirements like OS details, and attach supporting documents to make your work a lot easier.

Top 8 Free Bug Tracking Software for Your Business

Wrike tackles bugs head-on with its interactive bug tracking system. This web-based solution allows you to assign support members to important issues, and log the status of critical bugs and enhancements. Support staff can then jump into a task and provide immediate feedback — making it easy to manage bugs end-to-end. You can also use Wrike’s mobile app on both Android and iOS devices.

Zoho BugTracker

Top 8 Free Bug Tracking Software for Your Business

Zoho BugTracker is an easy-to-use bug-reporting tool that offers real-time updates about the progress of bug logs. From the Kanban cards, you can locate and sort bugs using due dates, status, and other filters. Create rules to automatically change fields in BugTracker — without the need for external third-party tools. When a bug or issue is updated or resolved, Zoho BugTracker will automatically inform you via email.

Top 8 Free Bug Tracking Software for Your Business

Zoho BugTracker is an online tool that lets you assign tasks to your team, prioritize their workload, and monitor their progress. You can attach files and videos to a bug report, upload error screenshots, and find resolutions with a built-in search. The application has mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms — and in the event of an urgent issue, you can even reach out to the development team via phone.






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