Applicant tracking systems have been revolutionizing recruitment for years.  By streamlining the hiring process by automating tasks such as screening resumes, contacting candidates, and following up after selection. For companies that struggle with limited resources or budget constraints, hiring an ATS is often not an option.

Top Online Tools that make recruitment faster and cheaper

As a recruiter, you have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. You have to find one candidate per position that has all the right skills, knowledge, and experience. That is why it’s so hard to find candidates that are truly the right fit for a job position.

The best way to combat this challenge is to effectively market your open position. A well-crafted job description in combination with social media promotion can help you attract the highest caliber candidates — allowing you to find the perfect puzzle piece for your company. To make sure they have a deep understanding of the role of social media in a business, ask them about their previous strategies and what works well for them.


Top Online Tools that make recruitment faster and cheaper

BerniePortal HR is a cloud-based software that makes it easy to run your business. With BerniePortal HR, employees can record their hours, submit timecards, and receive automated paystubs. You can also use the system to track time, attendance, vacation and sick leave, payroll tax calculations, and compliance with federal laws.

Human Resources Departments need a tool that customizes things as per their needs. BerniePortal helps businesses design programs for candidate screening, communication with current and former employees, employee performance tracking, and more. The platform also customizes the alerts to make sure your employees stay on track with their goals.


Top Online Tools that make recruitment faster and cheaper

Breezy is revolutionizing the recruitment industry with its cloud-based candidate pipeline management software. With the ability to manage job postings, create and send targeted discoverability emails, conduct video screening interviews, and track candidates from application to interview, Breezy has enabled businesses of all sizes to attract and hire more qualified candidates.

Breezy is a free, career website-builder with tools that let you create mobile-responsive career and referral sites, post job opportunities on 50+ job portals, and monitor their progress. It also parses resumes in seconds and tracks lead. Breezy’s free plan includes customer support via email, a web portal, and an online knowledge base.

Zoho Recruit

Top Online Tools that make recruitment faster and cheaper

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based recruiting software platform designed for corporate HR departments and staffing agencies. It lets you manage job postings and employee referrals, track applications, and automate recruiting workflows and approval processes.

Its innovative built-in applicant tracking system helps you save time by cutting out the need to use third-party. It offers a great, free candidate management tool to help you manage your bounties. This tool allows you to build and manage candidate pipelines, schedule interviews, and send personalized messages once your candidates are selected.

You can even ask for feedback about your candidates to perfect the interview process! applications like ATS. Initial testers say that Zoho Recruit is easy to navigate, with a fresh interface perfect for modern firms.

Customer Support

Zoho Recruit’s customer support is available 24/7 from a team of specialists and responsive agents. They can be reached by phone, live chat, or email. FAQ Reporting: Zoho Recruit allows businesses to log and track user issues for up to 30 days after their submission. This helps businesses solve issues in the most efficient way possible.


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