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Tor Browser Review: Introduction to the browser, which respects personal data and privacy.

Tor Browser stands for?

TOR stands for “The Onion Router” and the web browser is the perfect pick if you need to hide your search history. The web browser allows you to hide your location, your personal and significant data, and IP address. With the help of this platform you can also have access to the Dark Web too. However, accessing this browser is not so easy for an average user since the advanced tools are a bit technical. Nevertheless, with this platform you can easily protect your online identity, but it comes with a price; slow performance. 

What is Tor Browser?

The platform stands upright because it receives handsome donations from federal organizations such as The National Science Foundation. The browser is specially made for users who are citizens of a country with no respect for personal privacy. 

The web browser does not encrypt your data rather just notes your internet traffic with the help of nodes. The nodes make it impossible for the government to track your online activity. More than the Incognito mode, the Tor browser is safe to use since your IP address is obscured, ensuring that no entity can track your IP address or your activity.

After every browsing session, the platform removes your cached pages and clears browsing data, promising privacy. When you compare, Firefox’s private browsing mode does not even respect your privacy and takes a note of your IP address. 

What about the Interface of Tor Browser? 

The home page of the browser has a well-defined search box. There is even a Test Tor Network Settings Link, which indicates if the user has anonymized. Using the latter option will showcase an apparent IP address, which is not yours. This means that no matter what, your location and privacy will be respected at every cost.

The interface of the browser is somewhat similar to the interface of the Firefox browser. There are a few add-ons in the former one. There is a green highlighted button with an onion icon on the left-hand side of the address bar. It allows you to see the network settings of the browser. It also enables the users to note their circuit and if you feel that the circuit catered to you does not suit you then you can always request a new circuit. 

The browsing platform has made the use of advanced privacy and security tools easier. The security panel of the browser has a security slide. Browser features are enabled at the lowest setting whereas; with the highest setting image types are blocked. In no small measure does this allow you to raise your security level without having to explore the complex setting of the browsing window. 

Why starting with the browsing website?

This platform is more than just installing the browser and securing your privacy. There is a requirement of installing support code and the installation is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. If you are installing the browser in a drive make sure that there is a minimum space of 80MB space. 

The browser is very heavy than the Firefox browsing website since it includes security plugins and security tweaks. 

However, before you start using the browser you need to inform the platform about the kind of web connection you are using. This is only to figure out if your connection is censored or not. If it is censored then you need to configure it however in case it is not censored you have the option of directly connecting to the browsing website. 

Once you connect to the Tor relay system then you can easily launch your browser and see the home page. 

Why should I need Tor Browser?

  • An interactive interface
  • Set up is easy
  • Rich features and user-friendly options
  • Compatible
  • Privacy tools
  • Connects to anonymizing network 

Why should I avoid it?

  • At times the browser slows down
  • Localized website tracking is difficult 
  • Privacy users are baffling
  • Needs a little knowledge before the search engine can be used

Final verdict

In a way using this browsing website is similar to using a VPN, since it respects your privacy. There are flexible and interactive tools on the platform which ensure you can use the browser in the best of your interest. 


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