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TorrentDownloads – Top Alternatives

TorrentDownloads – Top Alternatives

What is a Torrent?

Torrent is a very popular internet element where you can enjoy all sorts of content for absolutely no price tag and there are millions of users out there who take advantage of this service When you download a movie torrent, this ‘torrent file’ contains the necessary information which will let you get that movie.

A user can not only download the file from the direct source but also other users of the same torrent, facilitating a smoother transfer among users.

Why Torrent is so popular?

Torrent is very famous mainly because it keeps everything tidy. Even if all other trackers fail, this one will never disappoint you and is probably your best chance to find that old, rarely-used software you’ve been looking for or an ebook you’ve been dying to read again.

Is it safe to use a Torrent?

Yes, it is safe. The platform is free from all malware and viruses. The risk of torrenting being unsafe lies with the files downloaded.
Files available on the internet can be safe or unsafe. It is important to know the file and the data it contains. At times, Torrent uploaders occasionally encourage users to purchase those specific files if their experience with that data has been positive.
You can use a reputed VPN solution like Private Internet Access and ExpressVPN to safeguard your privacy.
With the other torrent sites that the process of download has turned easy and with the exceptions of using the links for download turned safe.

What are the top alternatives of Torrent?

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is unquestionably the best variety of torrent websites for users, which is having the highest ratings on the web. From TV shows, movies paid software to many other popular gaming software, Pirate Bay stands out to be the best as this website contains all these files for the users. The graphic user interface of this website is pretty much attractive for the users. New torrent files are very frequently added on this website and the powerful search engine of this website is particularly developed for smooth recognition.


RARBG is another premium kind of torrent website which is fully optimized to make sure that the downloads will get finished at higher speeds. The in-built search engine of this torrent website is potent, which will search for the result of the fired query in fractions of seconds. The extensive collection of torrent files on this website is adorable for the users. Torrent files of various niches like gaming software paid software, movies, TV shows, web series and many other torrent files like music torrent files are also available on this torrent website.

RARBG is another premium kind of torrent website.

3. 1337X

The 1337X torrent website includes all those torrent files which are premium and cannot be found easily. The most enjoyable part of using the 1337X torrent website is that this website is having a lot of proxy websites which can be very useful when this website is not accessible due to some reason. An intuitive graphic user interface of this torrent website is another perfect thing that can happen with the users.
Users can browse all the details of any particular torrent file like the size of that file, date of uploading, ratings, file format, and much other relevant information as well.

The 1337X torrent website contains all those torrent files which are premium and cannot be found easily.

4. Yify torrent

Yify torrent doesn’t have a big collection of torrent files as compared to the other websites which we have listed so far, but the overall quality of the torrent files is better. Yify torrent website is a trendy name among the users to download the torrent files of movies and TV shows in different screen resolutions like 720p and 1080p etc. Yify torrent is having a huge collection of eBooks torrents. This website also has many proxy websites and proxy servers that will serve its users anytime they want to. For a tremendous downloading experience, the Yify torrent website must be considered. The whole torrent file collection is available on this website exclusively for free.

5. LimeTorrents

Limetorrent is another popular name in this segment of the popular torrent website which is having incredible stuff on its database. From gaming software, paid software packages, eBooks, movies, TV shows, popular web series to music torrent files, all are available in one place for free. You are required to register on this website to browse all the torrent files available on this website exclusively for free. The registration process on this website can be completed without spending a single penny.
LimeTorrents is blocked by the telecommunication authority of many big countries and there are no such proxy websites available for this torrent website. The graphic user interface of this torrent website is undoubtedly another beautiful premium feature.


This is quite a popular choice that runs strongly around the users. It is not just the biggest torrent running community and it also provides unbelievable millions of torrents in the archive. For anyone who is looking to find a movie, series, software, music, game, or any other niche, the right is ExtraTorrent to pick. It is because of their active community that serves much with the safety and quality of the torrent. The difference with ExtraTorrent is that it has a VPN.
For fear of any trouble with the copyright or claims, the ExtraTorrent serves quickly in responding to any DMCA notices.

7. Torlock

You might never have heard about it, but the work that it does will make you fall in love with Torlock. Although it is a website that’s making its way in the market. It has started with a bang. The site has most of the content that you desire to have from torrent. It is easy for anyone to open and use Torlock as all that you are looking for is available on the home page itself. For times when we don’t know what to watch or about the trending series, it is easy to check for the popular section. There is a recommendation from the side of the website asking you to make virtual private network software.


The website allows the user to look out for the best from more than 60 sites with a single click. There is innovation in showing the results which are done in the form of tabs. If you feel any link satisfies your search you can click on it and enjoy watching your favorite. The part that it uses so much website data makes the AIOSearch stand out in the rush of different torrent websites. The site has strict policies against the advertisement, making it clear for your use.

How to access Torrent safely?

It’s essential to do torrenting through a private network where you can avoid copyright trolls without falling into any kind of risks.

1. Use a VPN

A VPN is the smoothest method to protect your details and metadata while downloading/sharing torrent files. It hides your actual IP address and changes it to another IP, thereby making it impossible for copyright trolls and ISPs to track you down as well as encrypts your internet traffic so you can’t be tracked down by hackers.

2. Avoid Downloading Illegal Content

To avoid any legal consequences, it’s best to not download copyrighted files and materials from torrents. Though they may be available on the torrent network, copyrighted files may not be shared without permission. If in case, it is still your priority, then use a VPN to download torrents anonymously and avoid getting caught by the legal authorities.

3. Use Private Trackers

It is very important where you are downloading your torrents from. If you’re using a public tracker, use a renowned one with lesser risks attached. Or you could register for a good private tracker.
The r/trackers subreddit is a decent resource for finding information about public and private trackers.

ExpressVPN for Torrenting

Conclusion :

• Torrenting has gained lots of popularity in recent years, along with its fair share of threats as well. It is a widespread technique to download files hosted globally.
• Approximately 3.35% of total internet traffic is handled through Torrent bringing over 100 million active monthly users.
• It’s used to download files such as movies, books, songs, and games through the torrent client.
• Piracy of any original content is a punishable offense under Indian law. We strongly oppose this type of piracy. So, please stay away from such websites and choose the right way to download the movie.


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