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Torrentz2 – The google of torrenting


What is Torrentz2?

Torrentz2 surfaced first in 2016, it shocked the entire torrenting community by indexing over 60 millions torrents. And because of this, within a short period of time, TorrentZ2 became one of the leading torrenting sites. To clarify, TorrentZ2 is a torrent search engine that pulls data from various torrent search engines and displays a large torrent database. Since Torrentz2 does the work of checking every site, it hence makes torrenting very easy. Most importantly, it makes the sites available immediately.

Is Torrentz2 Down?

Torrentz2 was soon found by the authorities and was hence blocked. Also, in 2017, the site itself decided not to link to the external sites anymore. Therefore, without the links, the site became an unusable one that prompted many torrent and movie enthusiasts to search for alternatives. Even though the external links were available to the public after some time, no one can guarantee if they won’t disappear again. And so,  we have made a list of the best Torrentz2 alternatives.

Best Alternatives to Torrentz2

In the current scenario, there are many torrent sites online that provide both quality and quantity and are ready to replace each other anytime. We have hence listed the definitive best alternatives to Torrentz2.

Let’s jump in;

The Pirate Bay

pirate bay movies

This is probably one of the oldest torrent sites that still remain active even after 15 years of its launch. The site has everything you could ask for and think about. It is a treasure that has music, movies, software, applications, games, and, many more.  The Pirate Bay’s ship continues its voyage of popularity with movie pirates aboard.


torrentz2 not working

RARBG is another popular torrent site where you can get all the latest releases. It is also a torrent tracker that includes all kinds of content.  The list has various movies, music, games, software, and more. Most importantly, you will not find any malicious torrent on RARBG. Hence, the safer recommendation.



1337x is a polished torrent tracker that offers movies, games, music, software to name a few. The site also has a polished look and user-friendly interface for easy navigation. You can also find all the trending torrents, 100 most downloaded torrents, and chose from them. You can rather simply search for the torrents you want. Most importantly, 1337x has no wait time to download on its user interface. Therefore, it is our list of alternatives.


torrentz2 alternative

LimeTorrents has a very healthy selection of torrents. You can find any category of content you’re interested in without any hassle because of the massive database it holds. Most importantly, the site is online almost all the time. So, when it comes to contents, it is certainly the undisputed king.


simular site to torrentz

TorLock has a very fresh design with fresher torrents. The site has a user-friendly interface that makes browsing torrents easy.  You can search for content by category, or directly with the search bar available. You can also select from the top 100 most trending and popular torrents. Hence, on our recommended list of the best alternatives.

Is Torrentz2 Safe?

Well, not completely, to be honest. First of all, torrenting is considered illegal. Secondly, Torrentz2 is simply a search index that pulls data according to what has been asked for or type in. This makes you vulnerable to an infected file. Moreover, Torrentz2 is not safe for kids and so, it is highly recommended for children under the age of 18 to not torrent and get themselves into serious trouble.

However, if you are above 18 years of age and understand all risks and still want to go ahead with torrenting, please be sure to do all the safety checks before taking any risks.

How to Download Torrents Anonymously?

The answer to this question always starts and ends with the VPN or the Virtual Private Network, which strictly protects the user’s data from the search traces. A VPN makes your search becomes both untraceable and unreadable to anyone and everyone. It also curtains your identity and locations. Furthermore, VPN also comes with plenty of security features. As a result, you are protected against every risk, starting from malware to ISP’s watch to government inspection. Hence, VPN is always the right way of accessing or downloading any torrent anonymously.


To conclude, Torrentz2 is always under inspection and scrutiny and hence tries to protect itself from the copyright watchdogs. The future of the site is not certain. It has been taken down already. But, you need not worry, because of the compiled list of the best alternatives to Torrentz2.


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