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Trello Software Review: Everything you need to know about the visual collaboration tool!

What is Trello Software?

Trello is a very user-friendly and eye-catching application, which helps several people for collaborating around work. The app is well-suited for coordinating, basic organizing, and tracking the official work. The software is very easy to use and can ensure workflow for group work. 

What is Pricing Plan of Trello Software?

Under this account, you can make personal boards and business lists as you wish. However you will be limited to 10 teams only. Your file size cannot exceed the limit of 10MB, which is a great barrier. You do not even have an option of integration of your account to the other applications. 

There is a concept of power-up in the software, which allows you to add the Trello boards. With the application you can customize features. Now if you choose the free account you cannot have all the features. With the free sign up you can get only one power-up for every board. 

The business class costs $12.50 for every month and $119.88 for every year, for one individual. These accounts have unlimited features. The enterprise account is just the same. Both of them have the limit of 250MB for uploading files and you can easily create any number of boards you wish for.

The only difference between the two mentioned accounts is that there is more number of backend management tools. The enterprise account has several tools for administering sign-on. It also helps in managing restrictions and permissions for individuals. 

What about the Interactivity of Trello Software?

You can use this app on a smartphone and on desktops as well. The software on the desktop functions very smoothly. There are several options for drag and drop and can upload attachments. If you install the software on the desktop, you will be notified and it also has several Touch Bar options with several shortcuts.

The software allows you to even share content through Google Drive, URLs, and Dropbox. There is an option to add a cover image and even helps to run a search. The highly flexible platform has many columns and is everything that you are looking for. 

What are the features of the Trello Software ?

Every label has a different color and you can also use patterns if you come across the color-blind users. There are different ways to search and filter the cards. There is no time-tracker installed however, you can add it as an additional feature. There are no such limits when it comes to working with the software. 

If you purchase the paid version then you can even customize your content and connect to all the necessary devices. The flexible software is very creative and gives you the best-knitted opportunities to use it according to your own way. The task management software has a team to test the trial errors and look after customer issues. 

The new templates are very easy to use and with the best interface you can use it for managing projects. The light features on the software allow the users to make the best use for their own interests. 

The software works on Android as well as iOS devices, thus there are no such limitations for the users when it comes to deciding which platform to use for using the platform.

Trello does not allow Time tracking for the users, however there are surely several custom fields. For easy teamwork projects, Trello is the best and allows managing of projects. 

Why should I go for Trello Software?

  • Several project management tools
  • Well-built application
  • Isn’t overloaded
  • Easy to Use 
  • Lovely visual boards
  • Good templates
  • High adaptability
  • Platform friendly
  • Inexpensive and worth it

Why shouldn’t go for Trello Software?

  • Needs good connectivity with internet
  • Suitable only for small scale projects 
  • Gold members have way better benefits than the basic members
  • Need better useful plugins
  • Could have had a better storage

Final Verdict

The platform is best suited for collaborative teams and agile project management. The software does not have a sort of bug issues and is the best platform to manage work. The application is not overloaded with nay junk, which makes the software smooth for functioning. Using the software as a collaborative tool is best suited for companies, which require groups to work collectively.


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