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VIP Stand – Top 5 Alternatives


About VIPstand

VIPstand is a web-based sports search engine that helps you find quality sports from around the world to watch and enjoy. VIPStand Bots find the best streams across the globe. They mostly list VIP streams that can be accessed on all the devices. The site has a user-friendly interface and is extremely fast. This makes the site a good option for streaming sports. However, the site failed to gain momentum and popularity and therefore, today, we bring to you some other alternatives to VIPStand to stream and watch sports from anywhere around the world.

Top VIPStand Alternatives

Yes, finding a decent live streaming site for sports can be a tedious task. But, we did the graft, scoured the web, and compiled a list of the best live streaming sites only for you! Without further ado, let’s get started.

1- Laola1.tv

best free sports streaming sites

A rapidly popular streaming harbor for sports fans of all hues, Laola1.tv rose to fame as a premier destination for hooking up with the newest La Liga football (soccer) action. Ultimately, it branched out to a melange of other sports. Laola.tv also offers an amazing high-definition live streaming experience wherein each sport is classified according to its sort and league.

Of course, you may prefer to watch distinct channels. What’s more, you can also record the matches and high-octane sporting movement for offline playback during your downtime. And, if you are frank about your favorite team, club, or sport, you can also jump into some excited and funny discussions on panels that include everything from Hockey to NFL.

2- WatchESPN

free sports streaming sites

There is no need to introduce ESPN. It is a household name that is a synonym for all kinds of sports broadcasts. All the hot and popular sports from around the world are live-streamed on the site. Driven by full HD playback on PC and smartphones, you can rest assured of experiencing a magnified live streaming experience.

However, the only con of the site is that live streaming is currently available solely in the United States. Nonetheless, if you accomplish to access WatchESPN through a VPN, the site is a numerouno choice strictly based on the listing options.

3- LiveTv.sx


The major reason why LiveTV is counted amongst the most trustworthy and best sports streaming sites is that it allows seamless live streaming in various languages that including English, Italian Spanish, & Russian to cater to assorted global followers. Users can readily check the live score updates to keep them up-to-date about the ongoing game without the need to thoroughly watch it.

The user interface of this site offers an amazing viewing experience and also a new visitant can effortlessly navigate to their preferred sporting event with just a click.

4- Stream2Watch


Lauded by many as one of the most significant sports streaming sites in the world, Stream2Watch is loved by diehard sports aficionados. When all the other websites begin facing server delays, this site flaunts a dark-clad interface that is for indoor streaming. However, if you are uncertain about the invasive pop-ups then the site could be a dampener.

On the sunny side, you can stream any sport of your preference with just a click right on its homepage. All you need to do is simply click on the “Watch Now” icon to start streaming. Furthermore, with varied mirror links for each sporting event beneath its belt, Stream2Watch seems to make up for its cons.

5- Bosscast


Being a brand-new US-based site, Bosscast is essentially fixated on specific sports genres such as Basketball, Baseball, and American Football. But, it doesn’t mean you cannot dig the live streaming matches from your desired league or sports.

Thanks to its candid UI you can quickly sort through all the lists of the channels available for live streaming. You can also suss out the preview of your picked channel in the middle. Furthermore, there is also a provision for a chatbox on the right-hand side of the screen that keeps watchers stuck to their screens by giving quirky information posted by their peers.



An Asia-oriented site with a sound streaming mechanism, SonyLiv guarantees that it offers all the sporting action without any intermittent ads interrupting your live streaming experience.

Moreover, this website is devoid of a cluttered interface wherein you can comfortably navigate to watch the live streams of your chosen sport. Furthermore, you can also explore and stream from an overabundance of sports games for free.

7- StreamWoop.tv

best free sports streaming sites

Massively successful amongst North American watchers, StreamWoop is a comparatively new sports streaming site that offers all-major live sports events with various links for ongoing matches. But, the actual novelty determinant that includes StreamWoop in our list is that it has a social sharing factor associated with it.

To clarify, a chat room on its home page keeps users involved with quirky inputs. Whilst on the right of the screen, you can discover a list of important sports streaming channels.


And, that was the list of the best alternatives to VIPStand. These are better in all aspects and diversity of content. You can explore all of them and keep them as a backup to jump in whenever and wherever.

Finally! That’s a wrap! Did you like the list of the best alternatives to VIPStand? Sound off in the comments below.

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