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WatchCartoonOnline – Top Alternatives


Cartoons occupy a notable share of our childhood memories. The well-known jingle of your favourite cartoon from your childhood takes you on a nostalgic journey instantly. Thanks to the internet and several cartoons streaming sites that have made it a lot easier to rewind time and revisit your childhood by streaming classic or new cartoons with the same excitement online.

Various sites guarantee seamless and high-quality streaming of some niche and popular cartoon shows today. However, only a handful of sites provide you with an exceptional streaming experience. Watchcartoononline is one such site that has been a chief source of entertainment for millions of cartoon fans.

What is WatchCartoonOnline?

WatchCartoonOnline is a globally acclaimed site to watch fresh and popular, and timeless classics cartoons online. It provides users with an endless selection of cartoons, anime clips, TV shows, movies, and much more. You can access the site from anywhere around the world. It also has dubbed videos and sub-titles that are integrated into their shows.

Moreover, the site can be accessed on both smartphones and PC. All you need is a good internet connection to stream the site and relive your memories.

Why is WatchCartoonOnline Popular?

This site has over 37 million users worldwide and its server is located in the Netherlands. Owing to its large user-base, the server is down most of the times. Moreover, the site may be unavailable at times due to colossal traffic. Furthermore, it also has the largest cartoon library among all other sites. In other words, no site can match up to WatchCartoonOnline in regards to the collection of cartoon content. So, if you are in thoughts as to why people search for its substitutes? The major reason is that the site is frequently down due to streaming copyright content.

Is WatchCartoonOnline Blocked?

Even after gaining such massive popularity, Watchcartoononline has been blocked. This is because of binding constraints along with a lot of legal battles against allegations of privacy from some major production houses. Therefore, numerous countries have blocked Watchcartoononline. Therefore, without access to the site, its popularity is decreasing rapidly. Hence, the site’s fan base are exploring other alternatives.

Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives 

Therefore, we have come up with some best and legally safe sites that can assure your enjoyment and safety. Listed below are top 5 alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline.

1. YouTube


YouTube is one of the most reliable and legal platforms to stream cartoon online for free. You can also find anime dubbed and subbed videos and movies here. YouTube needs no introduction. It has every type of content available. It is like Google of streaming. Just type what you are looking for. And the results will amaze you. Moreover, you can make changes to the video you watch to enhance your streaming experience. In other words, you can adjust the video quality, speed, volume. You can even save it for later or for offline viewing.

2. Cartoon Network


We grew up watching this channel. Again, another name that needs no introduction. Cartoon Network is an extremely popular TV Channel for Kids. However, it also offers online streaming of some renowned cartoon and anime videos. Moreover, it also has a web-based video game that can be played online on their site. Furthermore, the site has a simple and user-friendly interface and has no advertisements. The content on the site is limited because being a popular TV channel, they focus more on the channel rather than the site.

3. KissCartoon


Kisscartoon is free to use streaming site that provides a large compilation of anime and cartoons along with subbed and dubbed movies and videos. The contents of the site are updated regularly. Moreover, you get a notification for every new update if you are registered with the site. The site drives over 9.40 million traffic every month.

4. AnimeTV


AnimeTV is one of the finest alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline. The site offers to watch the latest releases and subbed and dubbed anime videos and movies for free. However, you must sign up to stream cartoons on the site. You can sign up using Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, the site drives monthly traffic of over 7 million.

5. KissAnime Cool


The site has a diverse range of high-quality anime and cartoon content. Moreover, the site also offers subbed and dubbed content in HD Quality. Furthermore, the site is user and mobile-friendly. Furthermore, the site witnesses, monthly traffic of over 40 million users. Now that figure screams the popularity of the site.


All the recommended sites are a great replacement for WatchCartoonOnline. Some are even better, legal and safe. Hence, we have compiled the list for you to dive into the world of cartoons and be a child once again and relive old memories from the list of endless collections available on the alternative sites. You can explore all of them.

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