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YesMovies is a site you can say yes to. First of all, it is one of the leading sites for streaming movies for free without any registration. In addition, the site is also a host to thousands of movies and TV shows. All you need is a fast internet connection and your movie list bucket. Furthermore, it is a massively popular site which has also become a repository with tons of digital content accessible to anyone and everyone for free. Moreover, the site updates its content on a regular basis, almost daily.  This is further diversified into different genres that scream to switch to Yes! Movies.

Why is YesMovies so popular?

YesMovies amazes users with a next-level streaming experience with its unique features and polished design. YesMovies is an ideal destination to thousands of users and movie diehards worldwide because the ease of accessing any movies is at your fingertips with a comfortable interface and a quality list of movies. Furthermore, What allures users is the content it offers, which includes a wide array of movies and TV shows for free.

List of Proxy YesMovies Sites

We all know due to the nature of the site, it has been blocked and pulled down a number of times. As a result, accessing the site seems difficult or impossible. Therefore, we have compiled a list of mirror sites that act as an alternate to access YesMovies.  Please be sure to do your bit of safety checks before accessing the sites

Proxy YesMovies Sites

You can always keep this list handy whenever you want to watch YesMovies. If you are restricted to enter the site or do not find the movie of your choice or encounter any other issues, we have compiled a list of alternatives to YesMovies that are popular and highly recommended.


yesmovies unblocked

Moviewatcher is basically your personalized movie theatre. In other words, it has no limit to the number of movies you watch. Moreover, you can also watch as many movies as you want without any hassle and enjoy movies in HD quality. 


yesmovies alternatives

Primewire is also a highly recommended online streaming site. It is legit, genuine and is just a few years younger than the evolution of streaming sites overall. To clarify, the site is one of the oldest and trusted sites ever. In addition, the site holds one of the largest and best collections of movies and TV shows on the internet. As they say – Old is Gold. Hence, this gold is on our list.


yesmovies alternative websites

Popcornflix – the most legit site with growing popularity because of its best-served content. It is also a free streaming movie site that displays a variety of content. Hence, the recommendation.


sites like yesmovies

Putlocker or Putlockers – the never-ending debate, which proves the site’s popularity in the world of online streaming.  It is popular for its high-quality videos and other appreciated features like – ad-free, subtitles, etc.

The Internet Archive

yes movies

A non-profit digital library. Did you ever imagine something like this? The Internet Archive gives free access to anyone and everyone to enjoy their collections of digitized materials. The list includes websites, music, software, applications, games, and, of course, movies. Currently, the site host around 5 million videos, that ranges from classic TV to educational movies to animation. Isn’t that unbelievable? That’s just a wow.

Is YesMovies Blocked?

YesMovies has been banned and geo-restricted in several countries by ISPs and has been dealing with plenty of lawsuits filed by several copyright owners who have accused the site of publishing their content without authorization and intimation. Hence, many countries have blocked access to the site. However, for your access, you can try the proxy sites and try your luck. Alternatively, you can also try the other sites and you may end up crushing on one the recommended alternative

Is YesMovies Safe?

Yesmovies is playing safe as it does not host any content on its own servers. However, its legal status is highly questionable. People venture the site at their own risk calculated risk. So if you are one of them, we recommend you to be safe than sorry.

How to access YesMovies safely?

If you have decided to access YesMovies, you can do that with a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) service hides your identity and ensures your safety. Moreover, VPN curtain your activities from ISP and protect your incoming and outgoing data whilst you enjoy online streaming.


To conclude, all online streaming sites have more or less the same features. But as said, “All that glitters is not gold”. You need to come closer to reality when you try all the sites and moreover, understand the differences between them and which is the best one. We can vouch for Yesmovies. This is because the site has a neat and polished design. Finally, it also has an excellent selection of quality content and unique features. So, Say Yes to YesMovies.


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